Mid-Atlantic Amaryllis Pre-Sale, local pick-up FALL 2014

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

We've moved here from the "interest" thread on the Mid-Atlantic Gardening forum.

Vendor is ADR bulbs: http://www.adrbulbs.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/home.home/index

ADR's amaryllis page is here: https:/www.adrbulbs.com/category/Wholesale-Bulk-Amaryllis-Bulbs

ORDER DEADLINE:Thanks to Chris at ADR, we can add to our order (most easily be adding $150+ at a time) and continue to enjoy free shipping. Some things do sell out, of course.

We are concentrating on Amaryllises, but if you want to order another type of bulb you can add the name along with the maximum number you are willing to purchase or just say "Who wants to split a bag of Tahiti daffs with me?" (If you want a whole box/bag, no problem, but otherwise you need to quickly recruit others to share with you... or you could go ahead and get them and count on people wanting to buy the extras from you later)

Dutch Amaryllises are JUMBO sized, ranging in price from $7 to $9.33 per bulb.

Peruvian Amaryllises are priced at $4.90 per bulb for JUMBO bulbs. We can also get bulbs in the 26 to 30 cm range for $3.25, but I think we've agreed to get huge bulbs when we can.

Israeli Amaryllis bulbs aren't jumbo but still a decent size (26/28 or 28/30) and also cheaper, at $4.25 per bulb.

We do have to buy in bags of 10. I'll order a variety even if we have a couple of bulbs to sell off later, but I've added 50 cents per bulb, to give me some margin (~10%) in case all the bulbs don't sell. (I did something similar with last fall's bulb sale, but we did such a good job of "selling off" the extras at the end of summer that I didn't need the margin on the final invoices. As those already participating know, I'm not trying to make a profit.)

The usual disclaimer applies -- If aliens devour this year's amaryllis crop or for some other reason ADR takes my $ without delivering bulbs, you are still responsible for paying your share. Since I'm not a retailer, I can't absorb a loss, but I also think such a loss is extremely unlikely. ADR has been good at working out any problems in the past.

I WILL NOT SHIP BULBS. Barring any crop issues, you should be able to pick up your amaryllis bulbs from me. We'll set up a "pick up party" time in mid-October. You can also pick up from me in Frederick (I live near a tangle of highway interchanges, so if you're passing through it's easy to swing by). Amaryllis bulbs "hold" pretty well in my basement, usually with little sprouting as late as mid-Feb, so even if you can't pick them up until the February seed swap in Frederick they'd probably be just fine. You could also make arrangements with another participant to pick up your bulbs and get them to you.

For anybody needing a "bulb fairy" (ferry?) after all, you could ask somebody to ship if all else fails.I think there are now regional flat rate boxes, so a large flat rate box (which I'm thinking should fit a dozen jumbo bulbs?) might be less than the usual $15.

Let's make this a bloomin' wonderful winter!

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