Help id please! Roots look like parsnip but leaves don't

Wilton, CT

I found these in my backyard while weeding in Zone 6 Connecticut. A bunch of them were growing in moderate shade. They look edible but wouldn't want to be wrong! Any ideas? I'm really curious and havnt had much luck in my searches.

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Wilton, CT

Solved! It's pokeweed.

(Zone 5a)

I am glad you were able to figure this out. I looked at it and had no idea. I just read about this and it seems to have medicinal uses, the root as a laxative for one.

I'll have to see if we have any of this, it is native to the US.

Wilton, CT

Thanks for checking Chillybean. I eventually brought it to the local gardening center and was told it was highly toxic. Since the symptoms they described were stomach upset, etc. I can see how it was used as a laxative in very small doses but probably not worth it. There was a fatality reported when an adult ate the whole root.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Pokeweed is for poke sallet! Annies supper? Poke Sallet Annie? You HAVE to know how to prepare it to be safe...

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