Ponder at Work, or Ponder at Play?

Sedona, AZ

I've held off posting many pictures of my pond, as it seems it's taking forever to clear since I used the aquaplancton. It appears to be clearing from the "top down" as opposed to "bottom up", which is more of what I'd expected. I did post a couple of snaps of the pond during our solo, yet nevertheless nerve wracking "heron attack". The purpose of that was simply to show what was devised as our "ultimate defense". This past weekend I got into the pond, as I wanted to move a couple of the water lilies and bog plants I've been growing in our nearby quarantine tank into the pond itself. As you can see, it's fairly easy to move the panels off the pond for access to as much or as little of the water one desires. Although the water looks fairly green (IMO) in the snaps, I can actually see about a foot down.

It was a lot of work getting the plants moved in, but it was also 100+ degrees, so the water was actually refreshing. I think the "aquatic children" were truly wondering what Ol' Mom was up to this time! It was a fun day!!

BTW, our winds since the weekend have included guts between 35-40 mph. Had the "heron defense system" been built lighter, the panels (or whatever) would likely have blown off. Unable to be seen in these pictures are a "sail tarp" installed over the pond to provide some shade (especially as my plants are getting established). It's Wednesday already and only a few more days until the weekend. Who knows what work (aka fun) awaits me. I hear another trip into the pond already calling to me!!

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Athens, PA


you have a nice sized pond.

I don't remember - do you have uv lights? They go a long way towards taking care of the green.

Minneola, KS(Zone 6a)

Wow, love how big your pond is!

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Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Love your pond also those panels for protection and screen out leaves. Got to get some built before next fall. Really have serious leaf problem with 2 ponds being under an oak tree.

You sure look like you are enjoying swimming with your fish.


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