Should my Korean Angelica (A. Gigas) have germinated by now?

Litchfield, NH(Zone 5b)

Hello Herb Growers!

I grew Purple Angelica last year, and got a bunch of cool flowers and seed. I sent out a bunch to people who wanted them because I understand that they don't keep well and should be sown immediately. I seeded some in several places but I have yet to see anything sprouting....I'm in Zn 5 (southern NH), and we did have a heck of a bad winter, but I was hoping it would 'self seed' and sprout in the yard on it's own. I'm starting to get concerned now that it's mid-June....Any thoughts?



Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

I r sowed the Angelica gigas last autumn and I already have big plants. We had a very mild winter, so they were early. It depends a bit on how long ago your temperatures went above freezing. They should germinate about 4 weeks after the frost is gone.

Litchfield, NH(Zone 5b)


I was afraid of that. They would have been starting by now if that's the case. Darn. I sowed them (in addition to the ones that fell at 'mom's' feet) in several spots right away because I've heard that's the best way to do it. I haven't seen a single seedling anywhere, but we did have a really horrible winter with temps as low as -10F, for exended periods of time. Maybe they can't take that kind of cold.

Thank you for the advice - I'll try again this fall I guess!


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