Fun on the Farm

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I really miss not having an active "Farming" thread since everyone seemed to implement a mass exodus to the other place. It is just not the same there.

So, if there are ANY farmers out there, please jump in and tell how it is in your corner of the acreage.

The Spousal Unit and I have a relief milking/chore job this week. We started yesterday morning and will go thru Friday morning. We had to have the vet last night for a cow that calved on Sunday that decided that milk fever was the ailment of the day. She was fine this morning. However, the farmer (John) had a cow that had twins on Saturday and another had twins Sunday. Vet again today to *hopefully* clean the first one. Eeewww............she smells horrible. Kept the other one in too so he could see if he could get any out of her.

I've said that people should be glad we can take over for them............we are NOT afraid of making decisions, we are good at our jobs and we can fix stuff that breaks. We always hope that there is not much of the latter, but it happens. My mom asked me if it didn't bother me going into someone else's barn and milking their cows and dealing with all that can happen. I told her no, because when I walk in the barn, I treat it like it was my own.............the cows are mine, the calves are mine........and act accordingly. We operate at other farms like we did when we still had our dairy herd.............I do all the milking and calf feeding and the SU does the feed mixing and outside stuff.

So, please, let's get this farming thread going again. I like it here. And when the chores are all done we can sit under a shade tree and have some lemonade and cookies!!

Yeah, the SU and I travel to do chores too. We live in Wisconsin and in August for the last 3 years I've had a gig in New York state! Yeah, she pays my airfare out. The last 2 years the SU has driven out and gone to the NASCAR race in Watkins Glen, which is a couple hours from the farm. After the races, he comes to the farm and helps me and then we drive home. We stay in her house (essentially house-sitting too). SU and I mow the yard a couple times, and I bake for her. I fill her freezer. LOL I think last year I used at least 25 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of butter....................What is funny is that last year I told the SU he was going to take my KitchenAid mixer along in the car. She only has a little Sunbeam, and I had enough of THAT the year before. SU said he felt kind of dumb having the car parked at the races and there was a KitchenAid mixer in the back in a box. I thanked him profusely the first day I used it for bringing it. As he was carrying the box to the car he was grumbling "do i HAVE to take this thing???" Uhhhhhh................YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the best part....................I get my pay in CASH..................

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