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Getting ready to explode with all colors soon....

East Uniontown, PA

As I had mentioned before, I have around 30 varieties of coneflowers.....I live in a quad unit, and had to make 4 beds for all my plants....2 are for annuals and other perennials....2 for my favorites, the coneflowers....Right now this is the most blossoms and flowers I've ever had on coneflowers, and the largest span across of a magnus====HUGE!!!!!.....My pica bella has three in full form, and at least 25 waiting on deck..Ditto for green envy and green eyed jewel......As I wrote before, I split two other varieties, planted them together, and they're about ready..One is Magnus with Coconut lime.....Double color!!!!...Without doubt, the brightest color now cheesier I have ever seen....Hot calypso one wide eyed and out, with 5 blooms on deck....I transplanted 3 different varieties of other coneflowers and they're a bit behind....And you know that infamous double decker pink with two flowers, that many complain a lot about?....One in bloom, with at least 30 flowers on deck.....Now that's not double pink, I got tons of them.....And a load on a primadonna..Never expected it to get so tallllllll!!!!..So, hopefully within a week, I'll direct you to another site for my coneflowers, as I want to wait just a bit longer for more flowers....It has taken me 3 years or so to get to this level....Buying, trading, seeding, looking all over, u name it, I did it!!!!...As I stated before, I never get a new series the first year.....Learned my lesson on that topic....So, I'll be keeping in touch here and then posting some amazing pics.....Take care fellow gardeners, and happy blooming.....The King!.....By the way, name THAT coneflower!!

Thumbnail by kingconeflower
(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

What is that?! I love green flowers! I ordered Green Jewel a couple of years ago and was horrified when it turned out to be the bi-color Envy instead. Since then I have grown to,appreciate it, but it still love Jewel the best. Soooo... What is your mystery green? It has a lovely iridescence.

East Uniontown, PA

The mid might have some green, but the outside petals are actually a yellowish white.....Sorry!.....If you love green, shortly I'll post some mass color green coneflowers, and then the green ones split with other color coneflowers!.....Have TONS of Jewel!.....Guess!.....

East Uniontown, PA

Ok!!!!......It is a "Sandy Yellow!".....That's the problem with ordering, except if you really have gotten to know the place well....You see, this was supposed to be a really nice solid yellow, but pics can deceive you.....That's why I trade, buy, grow my own etc.....I know what I'm getting.....Tough luck with your experience.....Green will be on it's way!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

It's still lovely! I'll have to be on the lookout for it. Thanks for the ID :-)

Camano Island, WA(Zone 8a)

Are the pics ready yet? I am sooo impatient.

East Uniontown, PA

Good day fellow gardeners.....Today I am going to send most of the white colored ones....They are the most ready.....Some of the others are just so tall and beautiful, but wanted to wait just a bit till a few more flowers on them come out.....The "Pica Bella" is the tallest and most covered with flowers that I've ever had.....My two green are just now slowly opening, and ditto for them....See ya today here.....Happy Gardening to all!!!!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Mine are showing buds, but it will be a while yet before I have blooms. Can't wait to see yours!

Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

I left all my coneflowers at my last home, and have been here 3 years. Just installed 'Flamenco Orange' a few days ago, my first here! It has one bloom with more coming.

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