Tagging your coneflowers.....

East Uniontown, PA

Well, I must admit that I was guilty of this too......Several years back, when I started the "coneflower insanity," I would plant them or move them around, and then later on at some point or the following year, be wondering which one it was, or was it going to finally come up....Some plants are obvious, but some are close in color etc.....So, I purchased some neat tags from online and now label and stick it into the ground behind the flower....But after looking at the tags, they were so simple that I should have thought of it myself.....Cut off a nice section of a clothes hanger, bend it into a "u" shape.....Wrap something around it that will be quite permanent, some guy here uses duct tape, label them with permanent magic marker or whatever, then you'll have "2" prongs in the ground.....I do this only because I have large numbers and I'm moving them around a lot and splitting....However, you could make a detailed kinda map being "exact" as to "what is what" right when you plant and/or move them.....Again, we're dealing in larger numbers here....I know there are other ways, but this is only what I do!.....Good luck gardeners!

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Camano Island, WA(Zone 8a)

If I tagged them thoroughly, then it would help with my other problem, which is, "Did I plant that or did it seed itself?" The volunteers definitely don't have the desired colors...but I have to wait to find out.

East Uniontown, PA

I tag them as above, then make a map, diagram etc. of the area too just to be sure, knowing which is next to the other etc.....But I really like the ones I bought......Makes it so simple......See ya with pics today.....It's 86 degrees here in Pa., and that's coneflower weather....Saw Cheyenne Spirit yesterday at Home Depot for 7.95....Nice size too!!.....Also Sandy Yellow!!!!......Have a great day!

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