Wisteria issue

Ephrata, WA

Hello, I have had two wisteria plants for several years. During this time I still have not seen not one flower! Why please? Is it the soil, something I haven't been doing. I get plenty of leaves but no blooms. Suggestions. Thanks much

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Wisteria is a slow plant to bloom. If they are looking healthy, plenty of new growth each year, then it might be just another couple of years before they bloom.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

The best advice is to buy them in bloom to make sure you have a blooming one. Some seem to never bloom or very rarely bloom. I found that to be true with my own experiences. Bought one at our last house and it never bloomed. Gave a piece to my parents and it took years to bloom once or twice in 20+ years. Bought another one at this house in bloom at the nursery. It blooms every year. Can't explain why that happens though...

I tried all the tricks you most likely read about - super phosphate, root pruning,, heavy pruning with no luck. It was in full sun and the soil should have been fine as I see wild wisteria blooming from 2 foot stems to 60 foot monsters in the tall pines.

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