Help IDing problem with shrub.

Cincinnati, OH

Photos attached of problem shrub on the northeast corner of our house. A viburnum? It was here when we moved in 9+ years ago & was fine until last summer when I pruned it & some of the branches went bare. Previous similar summer prunings never caused any problems. This year it looked great until the last month or so. Now there are areas of leaves turning red, then dry & brown. Is this verticillium wilt? Do I need to get rid of the shrub? Get rid of the soil in that area? OK to plant a different shrub in the soil that's there? Any info & advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thumbnail by petalpusheroh
Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

It looks like a Euonymus alatus to me. Does it have bright red fall color? From the picture it appears one branch is affected and the rest are healthy. If that is the case, I occasionally have a branch appear like this with no harm to the overall health of the plant.

Cincinnati, OH


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