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Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Bromeliad thread for July 2014. New members are most welcome ... please join in and tell us a little about yourself and your plants

My photo is neo Catlan's Leopard

We came from here:



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Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

Just can’t believe it’s July already and the kids are on school holidays again, where has the year gone.

Nev, it’s been so cold here, something like 8 degrees below the June average.

I would love to extend the brom house to double it’s size, Nev, but there are a couple of huge gum trees standing firmly in the way. I wouldn’t mind having them removed but they cost around $1,000 each to take out so it won’t be happening any time soon.

Teresa, hope you’re feeling better now and over your sore throat and your attach of the ‘blahs’.

Colleen, I did see a neo Pink Ninja on eBay the other day, not sure if it’s the same as it only showed the centre of the plant which makes it difficult to identify but it was a buy-it-now and has been sold. I got mine as a pup back in April 2012 and I am still waiting for it to flower and pup.

Nev, love that unnamed vriesea in your pic 5.

Teresa, hope your job interview went well today, sounds a lot better than the last one anyway.

Jean, if you happen to be looking in, hugs to you both from all of us.

Hi to everyone else, and bye for now.


Pic 1 – neo concentrica Bromagic
Pic 2 – neo Captain Moxley
Pic 3 - neo Donna pup, with the most beautiful glowing pink-purple colour
Pic 4 – neo Fire and Ice, a huge grower
Pic 5 – neo Gladiator

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Shirley - that is a gorgeous Neo Catlan's Leopard!
The colour is stunning and I love the shape too.
I like the Neo Captain Moxely as well, I am drawn to those spotty or stripy broms.

Was early for my job interview and ducked in the Warehouse to kill time, they had some unnamed Vr. with bland green foliage & a bright red 'paddle'.
Most were looking worse for wear & priced at $19.95 I was tempted to buy one as a practice plant but decided I better stick to saving the money for essentials.

Job interview was a waste of time, door to door sales on commission.
I knew it was a bit dodgy when they wanted a form filled out with IRD number & banking details before the interview.
I didn't fill those in.

As soon as they said door to door I said no thanks & that was that.

I was just around the corner from the Health 2000 where I interviewed the other day. Pooped in to ask if they had filled the vacancy & apparently they are still interviewing.
So I haven't dipped out on it yet.

The supermarket from yesterday phoned my co-worker as she is one of my referees. That is more than any other organisation has done.
Trouble is that I really don't want to work all the way over the other side of town when it takes 3 buses & over an hour to get there.

it is freezing here, the southerly blast hit last night, icy rain & snow to 300 metres.
None on the ground here but the wind is bitter.
I put the fire on first thing this morning & left it running, Sugar is quite happy to curl up on the couch with me for the rest of the afternoon.
I have vacuumed the house, done the dishes & made a loaf of bread into corned beef & cheese sandwiches that are now cling wrapped & in the freezer for hubby to take for lunch each day.

I think I deserve a break - but there's not a Kit Kat in the house ;(

shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Still very cold here too, even though the sun is shining, it just the freezing south west breeze that's making things a bit unpleasant.

Teresa – Don't worry too much about the job, it's their loss. If part of the job description required driving fair enough but when it didn't and they hold it against you because you don't drive you're probably better off not getting that job anyway.

You and I think alike, as I often see these young people knocking on my door trying to sell me something and always think what a terrible job it would be, and as you say door to door selling isn’t for you either.

Shirley – Thanks for coming to the rescue and starting a new thread, don't know what we would do without you, and what a great picture of a great Neoregelia to start the thread with.

Gum trees are a problem around here also as the council planted a lot as street trees years ago and they're always dropping branches and causing problems and now they are gradually all having to be taken out…..definitely not suited the domestic environment.

I'm always a bit “suss” about plants on eBay since they started digitally enhancing the picture colours to make them look more attractive to the buyer, and as you say they sometimes only show the centre of the plant as that always looks nice and uniform in shape, but isn’t a true indication of the whole plant.

I like the one you have listed as Neo, concentrica Bromagic but can’t find a plant listed anywhere under that name. There is a Neo. ‘Bromagic’ of similar colour though which was bred by Alan Freeman and registered by Keith Golinski
See: http://registry.bsi.org/?genus=NEOREGELIA&id=3356#3356

I love the colours of the Neo ‘Captain Moxley’ another of Chester Skotak’s hybrids using his famous parent of Neo. (carolinae variegated x Hannibal Lector) which has produced so many beautiful and unusual colours such as ‘Amigo’, ‘Gizmo’, ‘Groucho, ‘Wild Rabbit’ to mention just a minority. Neo.’Donna’ is also a beautifully coloured brom similar to Neo.‘Pink Sensation’. Both are Grant Groves’ hybrids and both listed as being from unknown parents; I don’t know for sure but suspect they may even be from the same grex.

I don’t know Neo.‘Fire and Ice’ and can’t find it listed anywhere, which is a pity as I was hoping to find where the unusual marking may have come from. Do you know any more about its parentage, and just how large does it get?

Neo. ‘Gladiator’ is a wonderful plant for contrasting colours; albeit sometimes variable it always seems to make a “statement” where ever it’s grown.

Well that’s it for today, sorry there’s no pic’s but I’ll try for some tomorrow.

All the best, Nev.

barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Sorry Teresa but the boys and I have had all the Kitkats. It's really cold here too. Below zero out the front this morning although it was 3 out the back. Quite a difference in a house length. Slowly getting everything pruned and in the right place out the back. Still have large limbs to come off the Brugs but I've got a lady who wants them so have to wait for her to be here. Have been taking smaller branches off and potting them up for sale later on, plus Geraniums and Salvias. It's a way to make a little money doing something that I love doing. As the boys are getting older I do find they are costing a lot more to feed and clothe and shoe. Not one pair of shoes though sneakers for school sneakers for home boots for motorbike riding and camping and good shoes for school, thongs and slippers too. We only had one pair of shoes for everything when I was young and we were very lucky if we had them. Most of the time we were barefoot. Shirley thanks for moving us over into July. Another lot of beautiful broms. I do like Neo. Gladiator in the last group. There's still so many on my wish list . I'll have to sell a lot of pups wont I? I'll have to put up a pic of my Frizzle Goose. She is so Regal when she walks. Her name is Lucy. See you all tomorrow. Colleen

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

I did not get around to chatting with you all over the weekend as although it was a long weekend for us with Tsvl Show Day falling on Monday the weekend still flew by and was over before we knew it but never the less it was enjoyable because we got to catch-up with friends and Sunday I managed to hold a stall at our local market and sold a few broms although it was pretty quiet as there were a lot of other events happening around town; but never the less I came home with far less broms and freed up some room around the garden and the proceeds will go towards brom supplies etc. I always find it interesting watching what people choose to buy and this time around it was the less collectable varieties that seemed to catch peoples eye although I pretty much had some of the more collectable priced same; but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am way behind when it come to reading and responding to any posts I missed towards the end of last month but when I get a chance I will try to play catch-up but in the meantime better to type this thread than not at all so at least this is a start.

I am using Joe's laptop at the moment because my one keeps crashing, the only trouble with this laptop is that I have no pictures on it so will be unable to attach pics until we get our other laptop issues sorted.

Joe and I are both a little under the weather at the moment and feeling out of sorts. I have a sore throat, have nearly lost my voice and today kept getting blood noses which was annoying because I was at work and each time I got them I was either in a meeting or in an audit so I was pleased when the day was finally over; at least it's a short week this week with the weekend to look forward to again.

We have had some cold nights here of late where the lowest it's got down to has been about 7degrees with cold winds blowing making it feel even colder, so we have some of our winter wollies out and an extra blanket on our bed; we sound like big sooks but we are listening to our bodies and keep rugging up as soon as we start feeling the cold.

Hi Shirley thanks heaps for starting the July thread, it's nice to jump into a post that's not mega lenghthy; also pleased to hear you had a great time away and hope you get back on top of things now that you are back. Your 'Igloo' looks fantastic and so full of wonderful color with all those beautiful broms. We still have to finish the 'Igloo' and had to spray for weeds on the weekend because they are popping up everywhere as we have done nothing about the floor as of yet.

Hi Colleen great to see you back we have missed you; sounds like you have been super busy. Adore the pic of your Goose 'Lucy' strutting her stuff he he.

Hi Nev I am looking forward to jumping back into last months thread to read the great information you provided that I missed; looks like I have a bit of reading to catch-up on with everyone's threads I missed. The weeks for us are a blur and the weekends are becoming pretty much the same; somehow we will have to return them back to some sort of normality so we can have a happy balance but at the moment everythings just a bit crazy both at work and at home and our energy levels are all over the show. It does not take me long to fall asleep on the couch when dinners over and done with and then there are the earlier wake-ups each morning to get to work.

Hi Teresa sound like you have been flat out busy going to interview and I hope you score something soon as I know how exhausing going to interviews can be especially when you have to complete those selection criterias etc. Anyway good to see you are taking a break every now and then and listening to your body when you need a rest as otherwise it all just becomes one big blur.

Hi Jean big hugs and kisses to you both if your looking in our beautiful friend.

Anyway I must head-off as another big day tomorrow and my eyes are getting heavy - yawn.

Chat with you all hopefully tomorrow.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Hi everyone.
I haven't intended to be missing for so long. time just flies by and one minute its a weekend and then it's a weekend again. don't know where the days are going. it will be Christmas again sooooooo soon.

I discovered yesterday that my dislocated shoulder may have caused more damage inside than I would ever have imagined. I thought it healed very quickly and I've been starting weights again but only at low levels. now I find out that the shoulder is still inflamed and every time I lift a weight or move it the wrong way I'm reinflaming it again and again. so I should have had it checked out when it happened. The gp and the physio both told me the personal trainer at the gym has caused my problems and they both hate PTs with a vengeance. they see so many patients that have been injured by the actions of PTs. so no gym for me for a while.

I've been having early nights lately with FB playing up so badly. It freezes up and when it comes back to life I have to log in again. Eventually it wants a login too often and I shut down in disgust and go to bed. Not sure if it is a FB problem or a laptop problem as I can't even access the card games on the laptop at present. I hate technology when it won't do what it should do.

Speaking of technology, we have had some more plants disappearing so we purchased a home security system and installed it last Sunday. At first we aimed the cameras at the front gate, the doors and one aimed down the back yard. we learned from our mistakes and the camera upstairs on back deck gave us a great picture of our deck and the birds coming infor a feed but it couldn't focus on the deck up close and the yard down far so the deck was lovely and clear but the yard was just a dark blur. EPIC FAIL. so we turned that camera round to aim down the stairs in case we had a burglar. One camera was at the front of the carport aimed at the gate and we could see the front fence to right of the gate but the other one at the front of the carport was aimed back at the house in case someone came to the front doors down or upstairs. That night we lost plants to the left of the gate with no camera coverage. a whole clump of aechmea correia-araujoi which was growing on the fence. there were at least 5 large plants and at least 2 small pups on each big plant. we were so annoyed we moved the camera to aim at that corner and the next night he came back for more plants and at 3.48 we got lovely image of a guy in a high viz jacket walking past and checking out if anyone was up then coming back and raiding the right corner before moving back to where the C-A was and decided to leave the old mother and one pup left there. he moved on to left corner and snipped zip ties and took one whole pot from inside the fence and removed about 13 clumps of the super fireball from on top of the fence before walking back towards the park. so police have a report and we've saved a copy of the footage onto a USB stick for them. we get up through the night now and always come out to turn the monitor on to see if anyone is about.

I have checked in a few times and read the posts but haven't logged in to post a reply mainly because I can't remember the password and couldn't find my book until tonight.
Pic 1: Nev I've attached a picture of one of your seedlings neo rosea striata x gold fever which is looking so nice at present. When I showed Johnny today he took it and put it in a totem by the pond near the back patio. we sit in the sun there every day and can see it colouring up now. it is a stunner but is it different to any others from that grex???
Pic 2: is a recurvata x chantinii. is this one of yours Nev?
Pic 3: is a pendula aechmea but we don't have a name for it. we have 2 baskets down the back and both have multiple flower spikes. it is a stunner
Pic4: is the C-A clump that was on the fence. it had grown since this pic was taken and had a lot more mature plants and lots of pups attached.
I'm ready for my bed now so i'll say goodnight. We are getting ready for a sale this weekend so big days and really needing my bed. I get some time off tomorrow though to have scans on my shoulder to see if any damage needing treatment.

Night everyone. Wendy

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – It's bloody cold here too so I guess winter is here at last.

I probably won't be on here as regular for the next three weeks as we have my son and his family here on holidays and just too many things to do to fit in any one finger typing.

Colleen – That's a very interesting looking Goose in your pic., I've never seen one like that before so I looked it up on Wikipedia and it has quite an interesting history.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastopol_Goose

How times change; we rarely wore shoes when we were kids either, not even to school unless it was the annual day when the class photo's were taken. Apart from that was only special occasions if we went to church or some rello's wedding............Ah those were the days.

Trish – It sounds like you're heading the right way to burn yourself out, best slow down a bit and listen to your body..... Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Wendy – Not nice having a brom thief around. We had one helping him/herself from the front garden and I installed two halogen sensor activated flood lights and as soon as anyone came close to the brom's, the front yard lit up like a Christmas Tree............ no more brom's stolen. A policeman friend recommended this as the best way to go and as he said, thieves prefer to operate where they can't be seen. It works for me, so probably worth thinking about for you as well, as prevention is better than cure and they're much cheaper than cameras.

As for seedlings, I was very disappointed in the Neo.'Rosea Striata' x 'Gold Fever' cross; I had hopes of some nice 'Gold Fever' spotted types or even something a bit unusual with the odd combination of spots and striations, but no; all I got were plain pastel colours some with very faint striations which eventually faded anyway. The shape wasn't too bad on some though. I did give a lot away though, so I've probably done the usual and given away all the good ones.

The Ae. recurvata x chantinii isn't one of mine as I can't grow chantinii down here as the winter's too cold. It sounds like someone was making a repeat of the cross that produced Ae. 'Eechidna'. They were nice and they would grow in colder conditions although not as prominent, the barring was there as well. See http://registry.bsi.org/?genus=AECHMEA&id=181#181 However there are still some ???? hanging over the name of the chantinii parent in this cross. # See notes on the above BCR site#

I can't help you with and ID for your pendulous Aechmea but I've sent your pic to a friend of mine to see if he can help with a name.

I'll finish today with some old show pictures. Pic.1 is Ae. pineliana minuta which is said to now be extinct in habitat, so it's up to all brom growers to keep it growing in private collections and don't let it die out completely. Pic.2 is Bill. 'Euphemie Georgia', Pic.3 is a nice example of an Ae. recurvata grown on a bit of driftwood, Pic.4 is Neo.'Guinea' an interesting little Neo. which when grown in good light can almost be yellow in colour. Finally Nidularium Innocentii purpurea.

All the best, Nev.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Wendy - hope the police can catch the thief - and that he has the book thrown at him.

I have another job interview on Sunday at a local supermarket.
Hubby thinks I can do better than Check out chick but it would be handy & bring money in to help with the bills.

The hard part is that I loved the job I had & didn't want to leave.
And jobs that leave your weekends free are like hens teeth unless you have office skills & work in admin.

If I could go back in time & change one thing about my life I would have stuck to my guns at the start of high school & taken typing & shorthand.
3 years of studying French were an absolute waste of time!
Mum was bullied into making me change - they said I was too smart to be doing secretarial classes & that French would help me learn latin when I went to Uni to become a vet.

How they thought a solo Mum was sending a kid to uni is beyond me.
And it turned out that the French class was under threat of being cancelled if they didn't have enough students - so me & a girl who wanted to do tech drawing were forced to change.
The other girl was told that tech drawing was for boys only... she wanted to be an architect & everyone laughed at her.

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Hi Nev enjoy your time with your son and family and we look forward to hearing from you when you can drop in for a chat to let us know all you have been getting up to. I know how busy we where when we had friends stay with us for a month, although we tried not to break routine it was hard not too with all that was going on each day and it left little time for brom time as much as I tried to drag myself away from all that was happening around me and I found it hard because we like our quiet time and we could hardly find any for ourselves.

Nev thanks for your concern regarding not burning myself out; of late we have been experiencing strong waves of cauotic business that leaves us feeling utterly deflated by the end of the day; it has not helped any that my position at work has increased since they got rid our one of our team members as well as the other person I work with has been on two weeks leave so I am doing my job, their job as well as the job of the person we lost; somethings got to give and I am trying not to burn myself out in the process and then there is our business to run as well. Thats why I so look forward to the weekends and this weekend we are trying to have a quiet one for a change and we are looking forward to resting.

Nev great pics you posted on 2/7, I especally liked Neo. 'Guinea' and totally agree it is such an interesting plant and can imagine how lovely it would look grown in a lot of light to achieve a yellow color.

Hi Wendy hope your back on the mend soon with your shoulder but normally those type of injuries take a good while to heal so take care and rest it as much as you can; easier said than done I know but every little bit helps it to mend. Also I hope the police catch the thief who is trying to steal your beautiful broms; there are some nasty low life people in the world and each time I hear stories such as yours it makes me sick to the stomach so I can imagine how angry you guys must be feeling right now and I hope the camera footage helps catch them. Lovely pics you posted on the 2/7, I especially liked Ae. recurvata x chantinii.

Hi Teresa it's crazy how they herd you in school and go against the grain to what you really are good at doing; hopefully things have improved in schools now days as my teachers (other than my art teacher) were no help whatsoever in helping me choose a profession but I eventually found my own way. I was born in France (Nice), have you ever been there, I have not been back in a long time.

Anyway I must head off, Joe wants we to go see some of his orchids that are flowering.

Catch you all tomorrow night.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 - Vr. 'Tiger Tim'
Pic 2 - Neo. 'Royal Cardovan'
Pic 3 & 4 - Garden shots
Pic 5 - Ae. caudata 'Junk Spots'

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barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Not a bad day today. The sun shone for most of it, but it always starts to get a bit nippy by 3-4. time for me to retreat inside. Got a bit more done in the back garden today. Dentist appointments tomorrow so not much will get done outside. Glad you liked the pic of Lucy, Nev. She really is beautiful. Was out moving some of the Mumma broms around this afternoon and boy you should see the pups. A lot of work ahead for me. Wendy I do hope they catch the thief. The cheek of some people. Why can't they keep their hands off other people's stuff. Trish keep well, it's not good when there's not enough hours in the day. I just got given 4 orchids. I wonder if they'll ever flower for me. Do I treat them the same as the broms? Glad you liked Lucy as well. Teresa you won't get weekends off in the supermarket will you? Have you ever thought about a job in the hospital? I was in Services, kitchen, laundry, cleaning wards, nursing home, and aged care. I loved it. I had every other weekend off and 2 days off during the 2 weeks. I was happiest when I was in the nursing home or the wards. I chatted to the people who wanted to talk as I worked. My days always went so quickly. I had to give it up when the boys came to me. Been nearly 10 years now, but that was when I really got into gardening. The boys helped as they got older. I got into broms later after they went to school so they really haven't had a lot to do with them but the younger one often goes out into the SH and has a look. Well must go get ready for bed. Take care everyone. Have a great time with your son and family. Nev. Colleen

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Trish "they say it's nicer, much nicer in Nice"... from the musical The Boyfriend.
I never did get to France, managed as far as England & had we not wasted so much time visiting family in Wales (endless cups of tea & minimal sightseeing) our other rellies in Bournemouth would have loved to have taken us over as they popped over to France quite often.
The didn't do the well known Dover to Calais but preferred Portsmouth to Cherbourg.

When hubby & I go for our 'big OE' we plan to do a trip to Normandy as our wedding anniversary is June 6th.

Colleen - is Lucy Goosey a good 'guard dog'. I've heard that geese can be very territorial.Some considered them better than dogs as you had a protector & source of eggs rolled into one.

It is freezing here, Sugar hops up on the bed when hubby leaves for work, normally she is up by 7am & pushes me out of bed...
this morning she jumped down, stretched &promptly jumped back on the bed, curled up & back to sleep - twice.
I wasn't complaining as even with the column heater on low setting I could feel that the room was chilly.

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Yeah finally it's the weekend and I am thrilled to bits about that and the prospect of spending some time in the garden over the weekend. We are also going to do a little more work on the Igloo but will take things easy as we both are still not feeling 100%; but first thing first tomorrow we want to take the girls for a nice walk on the beach as they always enjoy the outing and we normally bump into friends with there dogs doing the exact same thing which is nice and catch up for a quiet coffee and a bit of a chat.

Hi Colleen pleased to hear you got a bit more done in the garden today and the boys sound like they are a great help around the place. Hopefully we get a few things done around the garden this weekend but no records to be broken, just that we want to get somethings done rather than nothing at all. Sounds like you are going to be really busy removing pups of your mum broms soon, it's always an exciting time isn't it to take a close look at what they have produced and how many of each. I have put a good bunch aside that need pups cut off really soon so hopefully I might get to doing a bit of de-pupping this Sunday as some are really in need of it.

Colleen how nice that you got given some orchids, we treat orchids very similar to broms except more watering with the orchids and they luv regular feeding 'weakly weekly'. I am sure they will flower for you but if you would like any tips my hubby Joe grows all types of orchids and grows and flowers them very well and would be more than happy to give you some advice and you can post pics if you like if that helps. His orchid nursery is full of flowers at the moment with heaps budding and ready to open, thats why I am getting an 'Igloo' because he took over my nursery with his orchids LOL. Originally he started buying orchids for me but I was more into broms so then he just took over the orchids and has been collecting them ever since. Colleen I was unable to open your brom pic because I was scared I was going to loose the pics I have attached, could you please tell me what that broms called as I could not tell even with my glasses on LOL. I will have to enlarge the pic and take a look once I have sent this thread on its merry way. I luved Lucy Goosey, what a beaufiful girl she is and sure she is a big part of your family and that's why she walks around strutting her stuff like she does because she is so proud and guards the yard well.

Hi Teresa yes Nice is beautiful and well worth a good visit, we want to go back one day as well as visit England (where Joe was born) and Malta where Joe's parents were from. The trip you are planning to go to Normandy sounds lovely and something nice for you both to look forward too.

Teresa your weather sounds freezing, I would have to go into hybrination if I lived there as I am a big sook when it comes to braving the cold. Sugar sounds like she has the right idea taking over your bed ha ha. Our girls are shocking when it comes to taking all the room on the bed or couch and then there is the snooring we have to put up with but hey they are so cute and we love the more than we luv ourselves as I always say.

Anyway time to put the kettle on and rest these eye's of mine a bit from gadgets as I feel a little bit square eyed at the moment with all the hours I spent on the computer this week - blah.

I look forward to chating with you all over the weekend and hopefully get to take some fresh pics; they are predicting rain possibly tomorrow?

Take Care and Happy Gardening!

Pic 1 - Neo. ? Recent purchase but have to check as forgot what's written on it's tag.
Pic 2 - Neo. 'Lorena' starting to color up for the 2nd year in a row
Pic 3 & 4 - Our beautiful girls 'Lucy' and 'Lexi'
Pic 5 - Neo. 'NOID' in the nursery

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Where are you all, come out, come out wherever you are?

Well we had a fantastic day today and accomplished heaps in the garden with the work we done on the 'Igloo', I have attached pics below for everyone to see. It was great to get most of the shade cloth on and gave us a clear picture of just how big it really is and I am thinking about moving in with the broms once it's all finished as I am sure once all the shelving is built and the broms are in I am going to spend a lot of time in there admiring them all LOL. We have decided to not put down any weed mat as we have had this in our garden beds before and it has given us nothing but grief as weeks still get through so instead we have decided to put down a nice thick bed of red gravel about 5/10mm; we still may get the odd weed here and there but it will be easy to run the weed wand over any if we need to.

We took the girls to the beach this morning and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves which was nice so they had a good run around, then they spent the rest of the day in the garden with us chasing lizards and sometimes snuck away for sleeps inside.

Tomorrow the Markets are on and we are planning to go check them out as I did not get a chance to last weekend given I was one of the stall holders. When we get back from the markets I want to cut the cloth to size on the 'Igloo' and then I am going to do a bit of de-pupping as there are many large pups to come off some of the mums that I have been meaning to do for awhile. I also got some styrofoam boxes from Wollies today that I want to cut down and put my Neoregelia and Vriesea seedlings in like Nev does; but may not get around to doing so this weekend so will see how I go?

Anyway time to head as killing for a cup of tea as we have not had one the entire day and I am craving for one now.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 to 4 - The 'Igloo' build continues - hooray it's getting there slowly but surely.
Pic 5 - My new 'Brom Goddess' that Joe gave me as a present today x 2 so I have them situated both ends of our long back garden. I was thrilled to bits when he surprised me with them today; they look great as they are the exact height of our back fence. I like how she appears to be keeping an eye on my broms rather than that cute little bird on her hand LOL.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

I'm still here ... busy, busy, busy. I'll be back tomorrow night, promise. It's just gone midnight and my eyes are about to burn out.

See you tomorrow.


barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. We had a pretty productive day yesterday too. Got some work done in the front garden this time. Still a good few hours to go but at least we can see where we are going now. Trish I absolutely love your tunnel. Oh, to have the room in my yard. Love the plaque too. The boys must be tuckered out as they're both still asleep. I like to be up early by myself though so if the clock says anything to 5 , I'm up. I don't like to sleep in as I feel like I've wasted the best part of the day. Do any of you have ferns coming up where you don't want them? If you just pull them out and toss do you think that I might be able to get them? Ours over here don't seem to reproduce very readily. Nev sent me some lovely ones but they never seem to get any babies. Well must get a move on My tummy says it's breakfast time and the cats are all here too so will say Ta-ta for now. Colleen

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Just a quick one today as we're still kept busy with family. Still cold and windy and not very pleasant.

Teresa – I was in a similar position to you at school, I wanted to be a carpenter when I left school and had done so since a small child watching my uncles working with wood. When it was time for high school I put down I wanted to do tech. drawing and woodwork as two of my subjects and instead was told that because of my exam marks I had to go in an “A” class which did “Ancient History” and “French” and that the subjects I wanted were only in a “B” class. There was a procedure whereby your exam marks dictated what class you went in and it was only by some pretty persuasive talking by my Dad that finally saw me in a “B” class doing the subjects that I needed.

Trish – Pretty full on with the family, with a few hours break this afternoon as they've gone to visit some friends.

Nice pic's once again with Neo. 'Royal Cardovan ' a real stand out and an unsung hero as far as I'm concerned. I haven't heard of or seen Ae. caudata 'Junk Spots' before. So I went looking and it seems like some of the US nurseries gave various Ae. Caudata some weird names probably to attract more buyers.
Read all about it at: http://registry.bsi.org/?genus=AECHMEA&id=12150#12150

Colleen – Yes you can usually grow orchids with brom's as they mostly have similar growing requirements, however if you post us some pic's or tell us what types they are, maybe we can give you some cultural advice.

Trish – also nice pic's in your post of the 4th, I especially like the colouring in the first and second ones, and who couldn't love your two lovely girls? I love the smile on “Lexi”. That's a pretty substantial looking igloo; I'll bet it doesn't take you long to fill it though.

Oh and here's Shirley too, Hi Shirley.

Colleen – Like you, I'm also an early riser and always have been. Sun-up and just after is certainly the best part of the day. As for ferns, I'll see what's around; I only recently binned a heap of small self-sown tree ferns when I was sorting out the brom's

That's it for today and a few more old show pic's just for a bit of colour; Pic.1 Alc.'Silver Plum', Pic.2 Edmundoa lindenii rosea, Pic.3 Till. fuchsii, Pic. 4 Vr. 'Angela' and Pic. 5 is what was for many years known as Vr. Sunset' and is now called Vr. 'Kent's Sunset' as it was found there were two called 'Sunset'.

Looks like DG doesn't want to load my pic's today so I'll try again tomorrow

All the best, Nev.

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

The markets were nice this morning but no broms and then the rest of the day was spent in the garden de-pupping and watering the garden so a relaxing day had with only a little housework to be done as we try to do most of it during the week.

Hi Shirley you sound very busy indeed and probably playing catch-up since back from being away. I took some pics today (finally) of the broms you were interested in looking at and will have to upload and email them throught to you during the week and see what you think.

Hi Colleen great to hear you liked the plaque and the 'Igloo', it is coming together nicely and I am really looking forward to putting it to good use, especially with some of my special broms that I want to protect from grasshopper attack. I too like you am an early riser as it's the best part of the day before the day kicks i and gets crazy busy. What did the boys get up too to be so tired; most kids luv sleep in's don't they with all the energy they burn during the day buzzing around like little bees.

Hi Nev sounds like you are very busy with your family and sure you are all enjoying this special time together. Nice that you got a couple of hours spare to jump on and chat with us as we miss you terribly when we do not see a post from you on this forum as well as all the wonderful pics you share and the great advice and knowledge you always share with us all.

Nev thanks yes the 'Igloo' is big and strong and I can't wait to put it to good use and totally agree with you that it will not take me long to fill it. Pleased to hear you liked the pics of the 'lovely girls', ha ha yes we always laugh when we look at that pic of Lexi because she does look like she is smiling in that pic.

Nev thanks also for provided a link to Ae. caudata, I will have to check the link out after I post this thread as Joe needs to use this laptop in a minute so I have to clock off so to speak LOL.

Teresa where are you our beautiful friend?

Sorry no pics tonight as I have none I can grab on this laptop which is a bit of a bugger because I took pics today.

Have a great week everyone!

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

It’s absolutely freezing here tonight and the wind is howling … bring on Spring.

Teresa, I hope your job hunting is going well. How was your interview at the local supermarket. I agree that shorthand and typing ability opened up lots of opportunities when I left school. I don’t think anyone even teaches shorthand these days … more the shame.

Nev, not sure if the neo Bromagic on the BCR is the same as my concentrica Bromagic. I purchased it from Bromagic and it is an Alan Freeman hybrid.

I don’t know much about neo Fire and Ice other than mine is still just a pup and getting huge. I am going to see the lady I purchased it from next week so I’ll try to remember to ask her if she knows any more about it.

Colleen, I love Lucy LOL. As kids we spent most of our time barefoot as well. Shoes were worn to school only when the inspector was making a visit or the school photographer was coming.

Trish, hope you’re feeling better. We haven’t done the floor of the brom house yet either. I had to have a place to house heaps of broms before we went to NZ and it was a race to get it ready in time. In the end, the broms went in a day or two before we left and before the floor was done. The plan was to do it as soon as we returned but it hasn’t happened yet. The thing is I have to move out about 200 broms so we can do it.

Wendy, if you’re looking in, I hope your shoulder has improved. Also hope the police have arrested your brom theif … what a lowlife. Did your sale on the weekend go well.

Trish, your igloo is looking good, great job you’ve done there. Look forward to your email and your photos.

Anyway, it’s after midnight again, little wonder we sleep late … usually 8:00am, sometimes 9:00am, and little wonder we don’t get a whole lot done during the day.

Pic 1 – neo Black Onyx
Pic 2 – neo Manoa Beauty
Pic 3 – neo Old Love Letters
Pic 4 – neo Royal Cordovan
Pic 5 – neo Princess Grace x Grace

Bye for now, Shirley

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Interview at the supermarket went well...
had a few laughs with the supervisor who conducted the interview.
I suspect they are looking for personality rather than experience in check outs & am hoping she felt I'd make a good team member.
She did say they had lots of applicants but once interviews were over she will contact each person to let them know the result.
Which is nice as so many leave you hanging.

It is bitterly cold here & I am tossing up between putting the fire on or finding a jersey.

Lucy & Lexie are sweet, love those happy smiley dogs - Sugar is curled up on the couch - not a fan of the cold either.

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Hi Shirley you sound freezing down there, no wonder you like your sleep in's in the morning, I do not blame you whatsoever as I dislike the cold. Thanks Shirley we are feeling much better thanks as we took it pretty easy over the weekend and that made a big difference in the long run where I woke up this morning not feeling too bad at all.

Shirley thanks pleased to hear you liked the look of how our Igloo is coming along so far. What are you planning to put down as a floor in your Igloo? We still have to do ours so we are tossing up what to use at the moment. I too was thinking of putting broms in our Igloo before the floors done but have decided to wait for now and hopefully it will push us to finishing it early possibly I hope. Wish I lived closer to help she shift out your 200 broms in prep' for your flooring, that will be a big job in itself and then you have to work out where to put them all to keep them safe and in the right light.

Shirley great pics you posted yesterday of all your beautiful Neo's, all just as beautiful as one another, I could not pick a favorite as I think they all look great in both color and size. I luv this time of year because everything really gets to color up, even the smallest of pups can show great color this time of year so I prefer it much better than summer anytime. Your Neo. 'Royal Cardovan' looks so different in color to mine, I will have to take a pick on the weekend to show you.

Hi Teresa best of luck for the interview you went to at the supermarket; the person that interviewed you sounded half decent so crossing my fingers and toes that you get a positive phone call sometime soon. Keep warm too as your weather sounds scary to me and I would have to live near a fire place all the time and not let it go out ha ha. Pleased to hear you liked the pics our our girls; they send big hello's to Sugar LOL.

Anyway I must head as dinner to get on.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 - Neo. 'Dirty Gerty' - posting a pic the other day without a name
Pic 2 & 3 - Neo. 'Concentrica x Hearts Music'
Pic 4 - Neo. 'Marble Throat x Barbarian'
Pic 5 - Neo. 'Painted Delight Inferno'

Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy
barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Well another busy day but we all had a bit of a break down at the river for a while. I took the boys down to collect some willow stick to make a bow and arrow. They thought it was really funny when I told them that was what I used to make them out of to play Cowdy and Injuns. Branden also had a go at weaving a basket. That intrigued him a bit. The long pieces on the willow are easy to work with and plait. It's still very cold here and by 3-4pm you have to come inside out of it. Oh Nev, I should have asked earlier for the ferns shouldn't have I? It's great to see you enjoying the family. I was thinking about taking the boys away for a couple of nights just the three of us but it's so cold. I'm still thinking about it though. Hope you get the job Teresa, sounds like the boss would be okay anyway. Lucy and Lexi both look so happy,Trish. You should see our little fella when we take him in the car. He sits on the front seat and watches out the front window. He's getting very good in the car now. He used to be a terror barking at everything and barking if I left him in there to duck into the shop, not in the heat, so I just didn't take him for a long time. He must have learnt his lesson though. Well everyone keep warm I'm off to have my shower. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Christchurch, New Zealand

Trish - Love the name Neo Dirty Gerty... nice colour too.
Love the next two - spotty ones always catch my eye.

Colleen - that is a fabulous photo, so clear & detailed.
Would that be a Bilbergia?
Flowers are similar to Bil nutans - but nicer.

Overcast & very cold today, took Sugar for her walk & let her run a couple of laps of the local park. Not as good as half an hour at the dog park but she is asleep on the couch now.
Just as we reached home a huge Malamute mix wandered over to say hi.
Sugar wasn't sure she trusted this enormous dog but luckily he was friendly I followed us home, I put Sugar out the back & then looped her lead over his head & took him home.
The gates were open, I guess not closed properly then he has pulled them open.
All safe & sound now but of course as soon as I put him in his yard I started to second guess myself about whether I really have seen him there.
Well if it is the wrong yard at least he is safe from traffic & they can figure it out when they get home.

I didn't want to light the fire but it is so cold that I finally buckled & have it blazing away now.
We need a heat transfer system to send the warm to the other end of the house.
The back room is like a fridge - literally when the temperature inside can be 4C or less!

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

10 degrees tonight is cold enough for us, we are big babies I know but it's just how our bodies react and more so now than when we were kids and did not seem to feel the cold as much. All we want to do is rug up and have a hot coco in our hand ha ha.

Hi Colleen sounds like you had a lovely time with the boys at the river gathering some willow to make a bow and arrow, the boys must adore you to bits and I luv hearing all that you get up to together.

Colleen I don't think we have any fern seedlings other then possibly some Fishbone Fern that can go crazy and take over if you are not careful, but I will have a look around and see if we have anything else and if we do I will let you know. Let me know if you do wan't any Fishbone Fern and I will see if any of the seedlings are popping up in Joe's orchid nursery.

Colleen your little fella who likes going for drives in the car sounds too cute, please post a pic sometime if you don't mind as I would luv to see what your little fella looks like. Nice Bill. in flower also, it's great this time of year when they all flower.

Hi Teresa yeah Neo. 'Dirty Gerty' is a funny name and not what I expected on it's label when I first brought it. The other spotted brom you liked Neo. 'Concentrica x Hearts Music' looks stunning in the garden at the moment and has grown far bigger than I had expected, it's also got a beutiful lilac tone about it that I really adore.

Teresa I laughted when I read what you said about the Malamute mix you took back to hopefully it's home; imagine the look on the faces of the people when they get home if it is not their dog LOL; but very kind that you looked after it to make sure it did not get hit by a car or anything. On another note great to hear you buckled and have the fire blazing, I don't blame you one bit and would have used up all the fire wood by now being that cold ha ha.

Anyway time to put the kettle on, all this talk about the cold is sending shivers up and down my spine and it's time to put a cardie on.

No pics tonight as I am on Joe's laptop.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Merino, Australia

Hello everyone. I have managed to pop in quickly for a peek sometimes, but had no time to post.
I have been busy with hubby and sadly he passed away last night.
It is a relief for him to be at last without pain and at peace.
It is a sad time, but I can always think of how he used to follow me around the garden, gradually learning what I was talking about as I described flowers, seed pods etc.
He was fond of all the bromeliads and will be taking one with him.
I will try to get back on later in the year when things have settled a bit.
I am going to have to sell the house and plants, so it will be hard for a while.
Hope you are all going well and it seems you are all very busy with igloos springing up everywhere..
Take care and stay safe.

Sydney, Australia

Jean, I am so very sorry (((HUGS)))


barmera, Australia

Oh Jean, I am so sorry for your loss but as you said he is now without pain. You will have some lovely memories to keep you going and now his pain is over you can now rest too. Take care of yourself and know that we're all thinking of you. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Brisbane, Australia

Hello Jean,

so sorry to hear of your loss. Think of hubby as being in a better place now, pain free and surrounded by beautiful broms and happy memories.

Wish we lived closer and could help you with all the work ahead of you. We are all thinking of you ... take care.

Love and hugs, Shirley

Thumbnail by works4me
shellharbour, Australia

Hello Jean - Let me say how very sorry I am to hear your sad news. It's hard to put words together at a time like this and I can only echo what our other D.G. friends have already said, but I would add, "remember the good times" as I'm sure there were plenty.

All the best, Nev.


shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Firstly, here are the pic's I tried to post yesterday but DG wouldn't let me.

Pic.1 Alc.'Silver Plum', Pic.2 Edmundoa lindenii rosea, Pic.3 Till. fuchsii, Pic. 4 Vr. 'Angela' and Pic. 5 is what was for many years known as Vr. Sunset' and is now called Vr. 'Kent's Sunset' as it was found there were two called 'Sunset'.

All the best, Nev.

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Just a very brief visit here today, as the spare room where my computer lives is currently being used as a bedroom for our family and as I usually start my computer work at about 4.30am I don't think it would go down very well so I just have to grab the time whenever I can.

I'm still trying to digest what's in all the posts since my last full post on the 6th and have just a few comments here and there.

Shirley – They're really nice pic's you've posted once again. I really like the colours of the plant in the first picture but I'm sure it isn't Neo.'Black Onyx'.

John Catlan bred Neo.'Black Onyx' from Neo.'Silverado' as the seed parent and an unknown pollen parent. It's a medium sized plant with a lime coloured centre and and unusual chocolaty coloured outer half of the leaves. I have seen it once only, but it did look just like the one in the picture on the BCR
See: http://registry.bsi.org/?genus=NEOREGELIA&id=3199#3199

As I said before, they're all really nice pictures, and Neo.'Royal Cordovan' can hold its own in any company, but I've never seen a Neo.'Manoa Beauty' anywhere before that was better than the one you posted, the colour and shape are exquisite; congratulations.

Teresa – It seems the applicant they are after for the job needs to be a “people person” and someone that can talk to people rather that at them. It's refreshing to hear that they will contact all applicants and not just the successful one; if that's an example of the way they treat people they should be a good company to work for, so fingers crossed that you're the successful one.

Trish - Certainly some unusual colour combinations of the plants you have posted today. I'd never heard of Neo 'Dirty Gerty' and initially though that just has to be a “pet name”; and then I looked up the BCR and found it is a registered hybrid made by Margaret Patterson with the seed parent being Neo.'Nelson' and as this has very dark foliage we can only guess who the pollen parent was.

The one that interests me the most though is the Neo. concentrica x 'Heart Music' (no “s” on heart) as I did the reverse of this cross, Neo. 'Heart Music' x concentrica.

As I look at the pic's of your plant and one of my cross it's very clear that what Jack Koning said about the seed parent influencing the size and shape and the pollen parent influencing the colour, was “spot on” and is obvious in both crosses. I can see similarities of Neo.'Heart Music' in your plant See: http://registry.bsi.org/?genus=NEOREGELIA&id=4848#4848
and similarities of Neo. concentrica in mine (See my Pic.2)

Colleen – Boy, what a coincidence – when we were kids we always made our bows out of willow as well; seems we have a lot in common, doesn't it?

That's a nice pic. of the Bill. flower, which Bill is it?

Teresa – I had a bit of a chuckle to myself when you said about taking the enormous dog back and putting him in the yard and shutting the gate. What if it wasn't his house and when the owner of the house came home the dog wouldn't let him in the gate.....sorry, just my warped sense of humour.

I'll finish today with just two pictures, Pic.1 is my Neo 'Heart Music' and Pic.2 is one of my better Neo. 'Heart Music' x concentrica hybrids.

All the best, Nev.

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Townsville, Australia

Oh Jean so very very sorry to hear of your loss, our hearts go out to you our beautiful friend, it's times like this we wished we lived much closer as I can imagine all your brom friends here on DG would all end up on your door step to lend a helping hand and support as well as to give you the biggest hugs and kisses; but we are here for you Jean never the less for someone to talk to anytime so please remember that and call upon us anytime. It was lovely to read how much your beautiful hubby liked joining you for walks around the garden and that he liked broms, he sounded like a wonderful kind hearted person that took notice of your interests and someone we would have liked to have met and got to know. Take care Jean, Hugs & Kisses from Trish & Joe xxxxoooo

barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. It's so cold here that nothing got done outside except a new trailer load of mushroom compost and pine bark. The wind is coming off the North pole I think this time and we've had rain just to make it worse. The boys are in their PJs and having a game on their laptops. chatter, chatter in the background. I haven't found a pic of Ben our little dog yet but I will. Nev, are you sure that your not really part of my family? The things that we did in our childhood were so similar you'd think that we'd grown up in the same place. Fishing, camping, birdnesting, climbing trees [and falling out] soapboxes racing down the hills, mushrooming, shanghais. Always at least one dog in tow. I have good memories of my childhood and the kids that I used to hang around with. Nev I don't know the name of that Bil, but it's just a common one. Just plain grey-green foliage. Must go. Jean take care. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Weekends just around the corner yeah!

Hi Nev great pics you posted on 08/07, the one that really caught my eye was Pic 1 Alc. ‘Silver Plum’, what a stunner that one is and one I would like to make room for in out garden one day but I keep putting off getting one because I want to be ready to house something so beautiful and rightly so for such a masterpiece.

Nev I too had to look up the history of Neo. ‘Dirty Gerty’ as soon as I brought the pup home as I had never heard of it before then. When I first saw it I was instantly intrigued by its sharp in your face colour and am really looking forward to seeing what it is going to grow up to be like in our garden. It also looks like a tough little brom and I am guessing that it will be able to handle a fair bit of light so at the moment I have it out in the open but under our tiny mandarin tree that hardly has any branches yet and it seems to be keeping its colour well there in all the bright light so I will leave it there for now and see how it goes but will have to move it come summer.

Nev thanks for correcting me with my typo (Heart not Hearts) in relation to the recent pics I posted of Neo. ‘Concentrica x Heart Music’. Pictures paint a thousand words don’t they when you look closely at the seed parent and pollen parent examples you kindly provided and like you say Jack Koning was “spot on” regarding what influences what. This brom stops me in my tracks at the moment whenever I go to walk past it in the garden as I really like the mixture it has going on which I think is an impressive combination of detail.

Hi Colleen I am kicking back in front of your beautiful camp fire pic all cosy and warm just by the look of it but now I have a bad craving for toasted marshmallows ha ha.

Look forward to chatting with you all tomorrow night.

Take Care & Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 – Neo. ‘Grace Good Girl’ pup
Pic 2 – Neo. ‘Grace’ - photo taken brightest time of the day
Pic 3 & 4 – Mixture bag of broms
Pic 5 – Neo. ‘Frivolity’ - again pic taken brightest time of the day

Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy Thumbnail by bromishy
shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone - Very windy and cold here again today.

My son and his family decided to go to Canberra today for a bit of a look around, they got home about two hours ago and are still in front of the heater. He said they'll never complain abut how cold it is here after being there and freezing all day.

Colleen - I think we must be getting the overflow of the icy wind from you as it's really uncomfortable and if it continues, I can't see myself doing anything outside tomorrow.

Looking at your pic of the log on the fire reminded me of things we did when we were kids, and I remembered what we did when it was winter and the freezing south west winds used to howl all night.

After tea (we always called our evening meal tea time and lunch time was called dinner time).....anyway after tea Dad would go through the bed warming ritual. This was before electric blankets as we didn't even have electricity and the usual thing everyone used at that time was a hot water bottle, but Dad would never have a hot water bottle in the house after one of the little girls in the village where I lived had her legs badly scalded when one busted. Instead, he would put three house bricks in the oven of the old fuel stove and when it was time for bed he would get them out and wrap them in an old jumper and put them down the bottom of the beds to warm things up a bit. They certainly did the job and held the heat just as well (if not better ) than a hot water bottle and we used them for many years.

Sorry about that everyone, but it was Colleen's fault, she got me sidetracked once again. The thing is there's nothing to report on the bromeliad front as I was at the museum all day today as it wasn't worthwhile staying home as we had a power outage from 0830 -1730 as the energy company was replacing five power poles in our street, so I couldn't even make a cup of tea unless I wanted to boil the billy on the BBQ and it was too cold for that.

Trish - Nice pic's once again, but the standout today for me has to be the Neo. 'Frivolity'. Great shape, lovely wide leaves and a beautiful soft pale peach colour. I've never seen it before and I must say I was a bit disappointed when I looked it up on the BCR though, as it appears it will colour up much more than that, and the beautiful pale colour it has at present will be lost to darker shades (albeit still nice) but I prefer the paler colour myself. It's another hybrid from the Allan Freeman stable and was a crossing of Neo. 'Fairy Plum' x Neo.'Fairy Tale'.

Time to go and once again I'll have to post some old file pic's until I take some new ones. Pic.1 today is an old favourite of mine Neo carolinae x concentrica, Pic.2 was one which was exhibited in our show a few years back and is called Deuterocohnia brevifolia, Pic.3 is Nidularium procerum 'orange', Pic.4 is Neo. concentrica x ('Charm' x 'Cracker Jack') and Pic.5 is Nidularium campos-portoi.

All the best, Nev.

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barmera, Australia

Hi everyone, Nev, how could you blame me? That's not nice. lol That sounds like a very sensible thing that your Dad used to do, although we did have water bottles and luckily no scalds. You're not going to believe this but I think that my hot water service has gone on the blink now. I noticed that the hot water wasn't hot anymore about mid morning so went out to the fuse box to check the switches. Sure enough one was off so I tried to turn it back on and crack. Needless to say I didn't try again. I rang the electrician but he wont be here til morning so the boys are quite happy no shower tonight. They're having a ball catching up with Spiderman tonight. I got quite a bit more done in the front garden today. The green bin went out this morning for pick-up and is full again plus 3 big tubs and 2 tea chests and a plastic bag, so I think I earned my tea tonight. Trish the camp fire pic was from our last camp and it was as good as it looked. The boys love toasted marshmallows too. Well had better see if they're ready for bed. See you all tomorrow. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone

Teresa, how is the job hunting going.

Trish, we are going to put weed mat down in the igloo, not sure if we’ll cover it, probably not. We will have to get it done before summer though as the broms will be outside for a few days while we get the floor done. Love your neo Frivolity.

Colleen, gee it sounds cold there, not sure I could stand it that cold.

Nev, love your pics, so much colour in all of them, especially Edmundoa lindenii rosea and Vr Angela, … just beautiful.

Nev, I checked out the pic of neo Black Onyx on the BCR and like you say, mine is nothing like it, so I have yet another NOID. Thanks so much for the compliments on my neo Manoa Beauty, it has always been one of my favourites.

Jean, if you happen to look in, know we are all thinking of you.

Bye for now, Shirley

Pic 1 – neo Apricot Nectar
Pic 2 – neo Crayola
Pic 3 – neo Heart Music x Grace Darling
Pic 4 – neo Pink Star
Pic 5 – neo Rhonda Dawn

Thumbnail by works4me Thumbnail by works4me Thumbnail by works4me Thumbnail by works4me Thumbnail by works4me
barmera, Australia

oh no Just getting a pic to put up with my post and the cat trod on the mouse and zompha gone. Will be back after. Colleen

barmera, Australia

Hi again. Shirley love all the pinks and purples especially the shape of Pink Star. Nev you remember me posting a pic a while ago of Crackling Red? Well I got a news letter from Ausbroms and they have Crackling Red pic in there. It may not be registered but they're using the name. John has bought me a Alcantarea Imperialis rubra for $20 in Adelaide. I didn't know that Silver Plum was a clone of this. If so why aren't they exactly the same? My next on my wish list is Alcantarea Imperialis vinicolor. Has anyone of you got a pup of this? I got a lot done in the front garden yesterday. The reason it's taking so long is it hasn't been done properly for the last 2 years because of my back. It's getting a crew cut this year. I've filled my green bin the neighbour's 2 teachests about 4 large pots and now have packed some of the branches against the house until I empty the bins. There will be another lot of branches today and that should just about finish the front. The boys are having a good sleep in this morning so looks as though I'm by myself out there. I'm sure they will come out to see what I'm doing when they get up. Have a great day everyone. This is a pic of Neo crackling red. Colleen

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north coast nsw, Australia

hi everyone, havent been on for a while as ive been dog training most of my spare time and looking after baby chickens as well as work. If anyones looking for certain broms tell me the name and i might have them. I have a large collection and im selling most as my two pups are just eating them and they cost me to much to let this happen. Ive put my huge ones in my chook pen until the dogs get older but my brom gardens no more and there all sitting up in my raised veggy garden bed. Ive slowely been selling them on ebay and facebook but still heaps to go. Ill have to take photos but some from the top of my head i have are red river, pink river, gold medal, golden king, predator, orlandiana varigated, medusa, maya, scandal, pimmento, moon over fort dix, hannibal lector, marble throat, marmorata gold, burle marxii ssp meeana, stout fella, white out, luna, jewellry shop, break of day, small world, sacred dancer, lambert pride, gympie delight, aech. mulfordii. If anyone want to see aphoto of a certain one just ask. Im selling them for about $8-12 plus postage

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