Could this be a carrion beetle?

Hanover Twp., PA(Zone 6a)

There seems to be a few stages of this beetle eating some decay material. I am posting the largest of the group. I have never seen this bug in the forest before. It is at least 1" long, black, almost round with a yellow blotch by the head. Can anyone help ID this bug.

Thumbnail by mgarr
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


This forum is for questions relating to adding data to the BugFiles database.

We have a forum on Insect and Spider Identification here:
and if you post your question there, you may get some help,

If you have an image, you could attach it to the message you post for a better chance of getting an identification

Having said that, I have managed to identify your beetle. You are right in calling it a Carrion Beetle, it is the American Carrion Beetle - Necrophila americana in the family Silphidae:

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