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Snipped daylilies-is it a rabbit or chipmunk?

Blacklick, OH

We planted some daylilies close to the house. Something is snipping off the stalks of the plants with a horizontal snip as clean as if it had been done with garden clippers. We have seen both rabbits and chipmunks in the area -- can anyone advise if this kind of snipping was done by either one? The animal is not necessarily eating the flowers that have been snipped off -- we have found some of them lying on the ground. See attached photos of snipped plants. In the first photo, I'm not sure whether what you see was caused by animal snipping or some natural function of the plant to shed blooms. However, in the second picture you can clearly see the snipped stalks.

Thumbnail by Al_N Thumbnail by Al_N
Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

First pic: That calloused spot with a tiny bit of swelling is the normal way day lilies shed individual flowers.
Second pic: You are right, it got cut.
Are the plants so tall that only a rabbit could reach up to the biting? Or is the damage low, in range of both animals?

Either way, a cage is about the only thing that will work.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

These look exactly like the damage I have every year, BUT mine is done by deer, they are found munching along the beds at dawn, before most people are up and about, we live country side with wooded background, so the deer are here or around all the time, I just made cages to pin over the plants till after flowering, chicken wire and a couple of old CD's tied to the support garden canes did the trick but you need to keep moving the CD's or those darn deer just go party on all night LOL.

Best of luck.

(Chris), IA(Zone 5a)

I was having the same problem! I use Liquid Fence deer and rabbit repellent - it STINKS but it works :) It's not chemicals, but fermented eggs and other lovely stuff - doesn't harm your flowers at all.

BUT we also did get a live trap and we just released the cute little bugger into a local state park. :)

Thumbnail by Dragonflys4me
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

How refreshing to here someone cares about the wildlife as well as their plants, believe me, there are days when I get so exasperated by deer damage, squirrels, crows and wood pigeons (doves) but I still would rather scare them off than kill them, Love the idea of taking the little rabbit for pastures new, sound like a nice little holiday break for it LOL, well done Dragonfly4me. you will have your rewards.
Best Regards.

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