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2014 Seed Starting, Part 4

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

We came from here:

Sharing techniques, ideas, successes and frustrations. All are welcome to add experiences and ask questions.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

A few I'm trying ,, Still at the weed with food thing .
Boehemera Cylindrica false nettle
Aveens sativa Variegated ( suppose to be at he end as a fill pic )
Vernona Altissma (Ironweed
Goji (chinensis ( in a bottle
Aveena sativa green

I also have some trifoliate Orange , That been in a bottle for weeks , setting so their out of the bottle setting the sun in a cup and bowl , no germination so far ..
Any citrus seed advice ? any would be helpful .. Any of you with any experience at citrus ..
Their all giving me difficulty orange , lemon , several ..

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the new thread Pam :)

Juhur, I've heard that with citrus, the fresher the seed, the better the germination rates. Just a guess here, but maybe you could try soaking the seeds next time? My ponderosa lemon is growing at a snails rate. I started it from seed in march or so, it's been outside living in a crock, but I think the sun may be too much for it. Still need to figure these citrus out myself :)

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Evelyn asked, "Does anyone ever think what happens to our gardens, once we leave them? Either we move or we pass on...then what becomes of the gardens we work in for so long and hard."

That is such a sad thought, it really made me think. I spend so much time tending to these little green growing things, and it brings me so much joy to plant these tiny things, then later to see them flower or set fruit, it is truly amazing and I liken it to raising a baby.

Some of us are lucky enough to have loved ones to share our gardens with. I happen to be lucky enough to have a spouse who indulges my chatting incessantly about this weed and that flower, which seeds I am currently trading, etc. He knows I am passionate about gardening, and since he loves me, he is supportive of my passion. But if I passed, I don't think he would tend my gardens, aside from the occasional watering. Can't blame him, it's just something he wouldn't know where to even begin.

I am still young enough (I'm 33) where I haven't given a whole lot of thought, or put into motion a plan for when I die, but I think it would be nice to invite DG friends to take my plants when I do. Since I don't have anyone else in the household who shares this passion of gardening. Maybe have a designated friend who can be reached afterward to post on DG and invite local DGers or other interested gardeners to remove plants that would otherwise perish. Maybe leave a few low maintenance perennials and bulbs in a new "memorial garden" for family members to enjoy and bring memories of how much mom loved to garden. That would make me happy :))

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Well I'm not sleeping real well so I went over was watching you tube ,
Well I remember scarifying the citrus seeds as a teen , today the video are showing peel the coat off the seeds ,, for lemon , orange , etc ,,
So ,, having to run out and do every thing I see on TV lol ?^_^ ,, now computer video ,, I decide to "try this at home" he , he , I did 5 seeds that way , peeled them , put them in a towel . in a baggie ,, in two weeks we will see and hear what happens ,,

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Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

I'm going to try orange seeds too. I'm tired of paying over $6 for 4 oranges.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Shorty_ CA , You can do that where you are , I grew orange trees as a teenager , all those many years ago ,, little small oranges on those pot plant trees .. But they grew ..
I am retrying Ponderosa Lemon and Trifoliate orange (hardy here the orange)
There are some Meyer Lemon seeds around here somewhere ,, next time I come across them , I will try them also .
One of the Ponderosa Lemon started a root as soon as I put it in the Bag ,, boom , just like Mr Wizard zapped it for me ,,, I like that ,,,^_^ lol

Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

Becky, I really like your idea. I think my DC would invite all my local gardening friends, but there are so many more on here.

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Turtles, you should tell your gardening friends the next time you meet up. Lucky you, I have ONE local gardening friend, the rest are all from DG :))

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

SWPD(Becky) are still wanting to try the red climber , the ones that look like a morning glory (sort of) ..

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

What climber is that?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

ones morning glory ) crimson rambler , the other is usually labeled cardinal climber .. not exactly morning glory but close (often their the same plant and both are annual

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Hmm.. Cypress vine; Ipomoea quamoclit? I do have some I wintersowed, don't judge me.. They are still in their milk jug! Eeeeeek!

I've never grown morning glories, but I may try next year if I happen upon some seed. I googled 'crimson rambler' and she's a real beauty :)

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Yes, Becky, I will be moving from the gardens that I created 25 years ago, and more recently as well. I am washing and throwing out nursery pots that are cracked or damaged. I don't know how many I can take with me, but I will dig up most of my shady garden and some plants in the sunny ones....after I find out where I am going to live. Some plants will not be hardy enough, but most of them I think will do fine.

Hopefully we find the house before we sell ours, so I will know what to keep. I am in my 70's but still have to dig in the dirt. Hopefully I will have room to do some growing from seed, the reason for all the different size pots.

Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

Oh, I hope you end up with a great climate and the space you want. I fi d it very had to leave a garden behind.
Good luck.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Thank you, 13 Turtles!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Yes, good luck finding your next home!

I have moved gardens in the past, and still have plants descended from previous locations. It makes for a nice segue, and keeps memories alive.

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Perhaps you'll be able to find a new place the deer haven't found and you'll live happily ever after. Here's to wishing you all the best Evelyn.

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Wow 25 years! I bet it will be a task, but hopefully you'll have help, and like you said, maybe you'll find a place before yours sells and you can do some transplanting. Wish I lived closer, I'd help you out. Who knows, maybe the new homeowners will be inspired by your garden when they move in, and you'll have inadvertently paid it forward with some of your plants you decide to leave behind. Good luck and keep us posted!

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Evelyn...just remember when and if you move what you have t leave behind many of us are willing to share.......Hand waving!!!!!!!!

And pam....reference from earlier post about the Verbascum phoenicium.... seed pods are ripening now and I willl ship seed to you, (remind me you want it....and if I gooof reremind me) (lol) I will make sure to include enough you can just throw them in the garden and let them start on their own....when up you can move them to their spot when young.... this is the frist year that the deer have tatsed them....tops only. Grrrrrrr...... but they left the seed pods, guess they wern't colorful enough for them to eat...... Speaking of those darn things, that town that was discussing thinning the heard, on the news tonight they said there are about 250 in a 1 square mile area. Told you it's a small town.... but I didn't realize there were 250..... Told you there were a bunch Way toooooooo many. Fingers are crossed they pass it and allow them to begin the thinning process. I'm only about 3 miles from town as the crow flies, but if they take the hiway they are about 5 miles from me...(lol, they never do take the hiway route) And darn....had a single doe in the yard the other day...looked like it ran into something as it's chest was ripped open and bleeding... Darn I hate to see them like that but .... nothing I could do.. She wandered off and I haven't seen her since. And then my neighbor told me another doe in the neighborhood had had twins.... Dilema...ya...

Ok, you all have a good one...later. Kathy

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Kathy my hub would love to "thin" them if he could.. So sorry you're having these varmint problems!!

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

I'm in love with the V Chaixii. 3 days after the 1st pic it became spectacular! Do you know if the seeds you sent me are V Wedding Candles? Sure looks like it!

Also, the Dianthus Loveliness is... well, lovely! Another winner, here with Salvia May Night.

Thumbnail by Pfg Thumbnail by Pfg Thumbnail by Pfg
Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

No, if you got the seed from me I've only had V phoenicium....and if you only get white let me know... I just added V. Southern Charn and one is beginning blooming now....(thanks Evelyn!!!!! I made a nice sized patch of them and saved many to make another..they are doing beautifully, I was worried about the tap root but not a problem)

Gosh don't ya just love those Dianthus...soo pretty and smells sooo good. Remember to cut a few stems for the house so you'll continue to develop more stems and blooms thru the summer!!! I have a young plant of the red beginning to bloom now and will collect some of the seed too...

The roses in the feild are blooming now and the fragrance is soooo Valariana is not quite finished yet........and both combined make it absolute heaven....

Overnight deer came in an d chommped off the foliage on two new Rose climbers that were potted and waiting to get into the garden. (Golden Showers). Guess when they fill out again they will have more stems............and they decided to also try a few stems of the Valariana... Geeze told you they were pests..

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Maybe it was plants you sent? Do you have anything that looks like that? I could have sworn it was from you...

I looked up that V Southern Charm, very nice soft colors.

I really, really hate deer except to eat. Then they are excellent. For both reasons, lol.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Every time I read this '
My Deer , Deer Whom
I couldn't resist
That delightful bloom
My Deer , Deer Whom .
It was there , for me see
Within my room
So I ate that bloom .
Now I want more
My Deer , Deer Whom ...

Pretty plant Pfg , WWk ,, You all always do have ,,
Hyperion Daylily #1 and a Hyperion that grew and blooms as a Star ..#2

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Yup, sure do Pam....most of mine get 18-24" ish., and the older the plant is it will begin to make a candleabra type effect.. when it gets done blooming cut it back but don't necessarily take the whole flowering stem and you'll get some branching and rebloom... Tho they are pretty much done by midsummer. That's why I was so pleased with the Southern Charm...hope I get blooms a bit further into the season and love that's it's taller than what I have now.

Yum Hyperion, smells yummy but my fav is still Hemerocalis flava (Lemon Lily) . sniff, snff, yummmmmmm! LOL. My daylilies are just beginning to bloom, will have to find my Hyperion and give it a sniff..

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Wow, a garden without deer...what a nice thought! I saw some of the homes' gardens. I did not see any tall fences either. (Oh, I DO hope!)

As far as plants are concerned...I will dig all the plants up that are not the ones that belong in the permanent landscape, such as rosemary, santolina, broom, euphorbia, lavender...etc. Not sure on some, but for sure I will be taking all the shady garden plants for the new garden that I created recently. More recently is the hot bed and I do not know about all those. I might just dig all those up, too. It will depend on what we find.

I cannot afford to buy all new plants, and start from scratch. Nor do I want someone else's completed gardens, especially if there is no room for my own plants. I did see a lovely garden(s), which looked like it was created by a landscape architect. Not sure if I want to be that formal. I have been gardening in the country too long. I think these problems will iron themselves out when we visit in person.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

This could be off topic as far as conversation , thought this might be fun for some ,,I don't live in the wild of semi suburbia Sooo no Deer around me ,,,
Here's some lemon seeds ,
The ones that turned brown a few days after the coat of the seed was peeled off .. Are germinating
Others that did not turn brown , dissolved away .

Only one of my trifoliate orange seeds turned brown to Hardcoat after peeling the seed coat .

These are the lemon seed . five days after peeling ,,
How about that , pictures too ! lol :^_^
I re posted this on the germination forum also

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

About growing from seed ,,
Some coneflowers (Echinacea )
if it stays the same , another possible of my own ..

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

Good success juhur.

How did you peel the coat off?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Hi ya Turtles !!! You tube how to , lol

lemon Tree from seed - YouTube
Video for lemon seeds► 2:36► 2:36

Bamboo and palms and orange , only one Bamboo so far has germination , small, only the container so far

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

About the Video Turtles ? It shows you where to start peeling the seed . There are a couple better videos .
Peel the seed with your fingers , A couple for practice will teach you what you need to know ,
Mine that germinated , were Deno method , room temperature in Bright light ,, not Direct Sun .

Any of the videos show you how to start peeling the seed though , Don't cut seeds with a knife ,Unless you have surgical skills and can see Telescopic !!! lol ? ^_^

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Cool pics Ju, I especially like your double flowers!

Wondering how Pam and Kathy are doing with their "jam packed with gorgeousness" gardens? I imagine that's what heaven will look like when I see their pics :))

I've had a bunny chomping echinacea stalks down in the night. Only way I know it's him is the poop he leaves behind.. Too fresh to be the same bunny poop I fertilize with. critters!!

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

First bloom from seed grown echinacea. My first from seed :)

Thumbnail by StillPlaysWDirt
Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

SWPD(Becky) Nice looking plant . Echinacea, are not always easy down your way I hear . zone edge .. The first pic is the only one that looks like it should , The wild draping looking ..

1is an older purple
2 is a White seedling Echinacea
3 a Goji Chinenisis .
last 2 are more Echinacea (seed grown )

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Goji berry? Oh wow how did that one not cross my mind before?

Nice blooms :)) The echinacea here do great for me during spring, then grasshoppers feast on them all summer, apparently they invited mr bunny over for a taste too! But they do bloom heavily again in the fall so I'm not completely robbed of their company :)

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I will put the Goji seedling under glass this winter , I'm trying to motivate myself to drill a hole with the digging tool , For that long tap root , I'm going to try to grow it on one of my weed willow trees ,, and see what happens .. lol
One of those plants that is suppose to be better if a couple seasons old when planted , I had a good one going , but the cover got knocked off this spring while it was still cold , it could not take the light freezes .
My Lemon tree has a couple tiny tiny feeder leaves , oranges never sprouted ..

SW) Thanks for that about the flower , only one stalk of that plant ever does that , but it is in the Gene pool somewhere ..
Only plants that are entirely resistant to Grasshoppers and what not here , are Thistle , Fleabane and Asters Wild ,, All common weeds here .. Bees love them , so a few I let grow ..
After look at Goji Berries a while , lmk me I still have a few seeds of both Chinensis and Babarum ,, Barbarum I have yet to sprout , 3 chinensis , two rather small , tiny in fact , Plants aren't in any hurry this year . lol?

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

Does anyone have experience germinating Kalanchoe seeds? I received a few fresh seeds and have planted them in potting mix. I did not cover them.

I really want them to germinate. I did a quick google search but did not find much information.

All of the oranges I buy are seedless. I'm doing research to find out if there are jumbo oranges that produce seeds. They aren't marked seedless in any of the grocery stores here and I was surprised that are all seedless.

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Shorty even my book on Succulent Propagation has little specifics on this genus.It says:
seeds are dustlike. Cross-pollination necessary for seeds to set. No pretreatnment necessary. They say the exact potting mix not real important, but do have good drainage. You can mix some 12-month slow-release fertilizer in, at half the recommended rate. But it IS important to top the mix with some coarse washed river sand, (or you can buy aquarium sand). Then sprinkle the seeds on top of the sand, and very gently water them in. It is not clear if this genus likes a plastic cover or not. Some succulent babies like some shade cloth. Kalanchoe is in the group they recommend starting seeds "at the beginning of the warmest months". Sounds like you should try now!

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

I'm glad you at least got to see the bloom Becky.

Here's a few of My first blooms from seed:
1 - Mongolian Giant Sunflower
2 - Red Sun Sunflower
3 - Amethyst Hibiscus

Thumbnail by Mipii Thumbnail by Mipii Thumbnail by Mipii

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