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Big squash plants, lotsa male flowers no female flowers HELP

Flowery Branch, GA

I have about 6 crooked neck squash plats in my garden they are getting fairly big and have lots of male blooms but I have yet to see any female blooms. Is there anything I can do? Or is there anything that can be done?

Thumbnail by punkinman1031
Flowery Branch, GA

Well I guess I was wrong in thinking this was the site to go to for help. Obviously either no one knows or no one cares, I'm guessing the later. Either way looks I picked the wrong site.

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Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 10b)

Punkinman1031 you have posted your question in the Beginners Gardening Questions forum. While you may be a beginning gardener your question is not.

You probably will get a better response if you post your question to the hybridizers forum.

It sounds as if you are new to DG. You should keep in mind that forum members are volunteers here, work, have other personal commitments, as well as this is a key period when people go on vacation.

(Becky), Lipan, TX(Zone 7b)

Hi punkinman :)

Yes I agree, it sucks when no one answers your questions, but shorty is right.. you may have better luck next time in the vegetable gardening forums, rather than beginner gardening forums. I for one, have been so busy lately tending my own garden that I haven't been browsing any new threads, just popping in from time to time to respond to threads I am already watching.

In response to your squash question, from the looks of your picture, the plants appear to be very healthy. Don't worry if all you're seeing right now are male blooms. I was a bit concerned when mine were doing the same thing a month or so ago, but another DGer taught me that the first flush of blooms from each plant tend to be male, but the females will soon follow. I may have heard this is natures way of attracting the pollinators to the area for "dry runs" before actual "show time". Please don't quote me on that since I very well could be wrong.

Anywho, welcome to daves garden, and don't be discouraged to post in another forum if, in the future, the first doesn't get a bite. Happy gardening :)

Flowery Branch, GA

Well I guess I did post in the wrong spot, I thought it was for new members LOL. Thanks I did see one tiny new squash this morning, gave me hope for the future of my squashes

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

Punkinman - Welcome to DG! There's a Beginner Vegetables forum that is open to all members. It's possible you may have better luck there.

Please keep something in mind so you don't alienate other members before you've had a chance to enjoy all that this wonderful site offers. I'd just like to add a little to what Shorty_CA and StillPlaysWDirt already mentioned.

Most of us, both new members and old, have experienced posting questions, comments or pictures that seemingly get ignored. There are so many reasons why that can happen and it shouldn't be taken personally.

For starters, not every member sees every post in every forum... very few people may actually see your post. Many may not have the time or inclination to respond immediately or may not know the answer to your question. Members aren't obligated to respond and to expect a response every time is being unfair.

You can also learn a lot on DG without ever even posting to a forum. If you haven't already, please take some time to search forums, guides (like PlantFiles), past articles and more. When I first joined DG I used to spend hours just reading on this site and each time I logged off, I felt like I had gained a wealth of knowledge.

I think you'll find DG to be an incredible source of information and enjoyment and also that most DG members very friendly and helpful.

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Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Male flowers tend to bloom first. Sometime later, the female flowers bloom. It can take a while. I had a similar issue with pumpkins I am growing. It took three weeks or more before I saw a female flower. I had many male flowers with no female. Then it took a while longer for any pumpkins to grow. Hope this helps. I am new to this site.

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Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

Welcome to both of you, punkinman1031 and R_Shaw.

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

R_Shaw - Welcome to Dave's Garden!

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