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Chicago, IL

Hello Everyone,

I was searching for some information on the web about what to grow in my zone per each month of the year. There is a lot of useful information. I wanted to share one particular resource on

or directly at

There are PDF guides that can be downloaded per USDA agricultural zone each zone. The PDFs list about 45 of the most commonly planted vegetables and herbs and has a chart indicating which month of the year you can plant each vegetables.

For people in the north, cold regions there is a special note about vegetable plants which grow especially well in the colder weather.

I found it very useful, so I just wanted to pass it along.

Enjoy your gardening!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing onetravelbee, always good for new gardeners especially to learn what, when as well as how to plant different types of plants for pleasure or eating.

Best Regards.

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