CLOSED: Green gnat?

Rossendale, United Kingdom

I'm afraid I don't have a photo as it was while I was away, but I can describe it quite well.

Basically a gnat came into the hotel room (still in the uk), but as I looked closer it was in fact green, which I found weird. It also had 'hairy' antennae, similar to those some moths have. I've never seen a gnat/mosquito/etc look like this before so I thought I'd come ask what it was! Was also a similar size to a gnat, 8mm-1cm ish.

Rossendale, United Kingdom

Actually it's really similar looking to the bug in the post 'weird little bug' but greener

Minot, ND

Sounds like a male non-biting midge in the family Chironomidae -

Rossendale, United Kingdom

Sorry for the late reply! That's exactly the one, thank you again :)

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