Strange Sound from Attic: Exterminator Stumped

Cameron Park, CA

I have a sound coming from my attic which sounds like a sort of reverberating buzzing. I've included a link to the sound file below. The exterminator looked around up there, but he couldn't find any sign of any problem, and (of course) the sound did not occur while he was here. It happens at all times a day, and it can go on continuously. The sound file is very mild. Sometimes, it gets very loud and sounds like many different buzzings.

Does anyone recognize it?

Vernonburg, GA

To my ears it sounds like a house fly.

Cameron Park, CA

We have now also had the furnace guy out to check all the equipment. No sound while he was here, and he could not find any mechanical issues. The sound on the sound file was recorded through a wall, and it sometimes sounds like there are quite a few different ones. Could that really be houseflies? Do they nest like that?

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

could be mud daubers. they often make a sound like that when they're building their nests.

Cameron Park, CA

After viewing this video (, I agree and am convinced this must be some kind of wasp nesting in my attic or walls. I've set out two traps, and I'll scout around the roof and attic tomorrow to see if the exterminator missed something.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

when the daubers construct a mud nest, it can be fairly long and large. while they're inside the nest, putting on the finishing touches or laying their eggs, the sound reverberates and can sound very odd if you're not used to it. luckily, they are harmless to your home other than being unsightly.

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