Coincidence - two wild-sown seedlings

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

This picture shows a close-up of a planter that I made for the edge of my courtyard (one of seven). It has some cannas in it and some cosmos for a jolly summer display.
However, if you look at the lower part of the photo, you will see two wild-sown seedlings that look to be the same type of plant. These arrived there by their seeds being in the compost that I had used to fill the planter. They look as if they had been planted symmetrically, don't they? Of course, the seeds were not in the compost by design - just got mixed in with seed table sweepings or some such.
Even stranger - they are not the same plants - not even the same genus, even though they look so similar. The one onf the left is a hybrid (grown from a seed) potato. The on the right is a Datura innoxia. Ok, both Solanaceae, but still a strange coincidence.

Thumbnail by cinemike
(Caitlin) Fresno, CA(Zone 9b)

How funny! They totally look planned!

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