White-flowered hostas?

Salem, MA

Dear Collective Wisdom,

I've got half a dozen different hostas in my garden, some named varieties and some NOIDs. Now I'd like to add a few that have white flowers. And I do mean white, not "near white". I just don't care for the lavender shades of most hosta flowers. I've looked at several that are large, with white (sometimes fragrant) flowers. I'd also like to know if anybody knows of some small to medium hostas with white flowers.

Looking forward to hearing from folks,

in Salem, Massachusetts

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

'Diana Remembered', 'Venus' - both have spectaular white, fragrant flowers.

Salem, MA

Dear Eleven,

Thanks for the list. *Boy* there are a lot of hostas, aren't there?

I will check out some of these.


Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

This is a starting point. So now is when you start cross-comparing lists and looking at their pics on the Hosta Library. Also, some hostas may not be available to you, might be poor growers, or may be similar lookalikes to other hostas. If you have a favorite local nursery that you trust for hostas, check to see if anything they carry is on the list. Or buy online from someone good like Hallson Gardens.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I went through that list. Those that are PURE white and marked with the asterisk take up only 1 page when the others are removed. If you'd like that list in pdf format (to save yourself the time of separating them yourself), Dmail me with your email address.

You might also want to check the bloom time. Most of the fragrant ones bloom quite late in the summer though your zone is a bit warmer than here, I think. My 'Diana Remembered' is just coming in to bloom now. 'Venus' won't bloom for another month. But if you want them blooming over a period of time, try to get an idea when they bloom. Check Plant Files here, and other databases and post their names asking people when they bloom in their gardens.

Salem, MA

Looks to me like some that are marked "pure white" may not be, according to other reports. I'm having fun going through and looking up the varieties. Thanks!

South Lake Tahoe, CA(Zone 6a)

We have Sieboldiana Elegans and Bressingham Blue Hostas if you are interested in a trade.

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