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CLOSED: Is it a Moth or a Butterfly?

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

A friend walked in our house this evening with a butterfly (or moth) which had landed on his shirt. It wasn't flying away. Knowing that I take photos of anything that moves, he felt he should show it to me. My husband immediately declared that it was a moth - not a butterfly. This disagreement has arisen before, but I have photos now, and I have Dave. Will somebody please help us settle this dispute?

Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman
Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

So sorry - I didn't include the GOOD photos...

Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman
Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

That's a Tiger swallowtail butterfly!! So cool.

I checked Wikipedia and the markings look like Western Tiger swallowtail vs Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Also your location would also suggest the Western Tiger ST as more likely.

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Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

Thanks so very much for clearing this up. This must be a migration season for them because I see them everywhere in our flower garden. Time to start rehearsing my "I told you so" dance.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

General rule of thumb: look at their antennae - butterflies have plain slender antenna with a "club" on the tip. Moths have more elaborate antenna, feathered or very long, without the club

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