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CLOSED: Spider identification

Oslo, Norway

I found this spider in Oslo, Norway. It looked unusual to me and I have not seen a spider like this before, however, I am not native to Norway so perhaps it is not that unusual here.

It was found indoors this evening, sitting on the ceiling. When I tried to move it, it seemed to play dead. The body is approx. 1 cm long. The legs are striped black and Orange/Brown. The underside is mostly dark brown/black with two white spots on the abdomen.

Does anyone know what it might be?

Thumbnail by Duff87 Thumbnail by Duff87
Minot, ND

It's a male orb-weaving spider, could be an Araneus sp.

Oslo, Norway

Hello. You are correct that it is a male orb weaver, I have been told that it is specifically a Walnut orb weaver (Nuctenea umbratica).

Thank you for your help.

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