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Can anyone identify this spider

Manama, Bahrain

Would be grateful if anyone can identify this spider - found in clients garden in Bahrain - previously have identified Brown Recluse Spider from same garden so naturally is concerned.

Thanks in advance

Thumbnail by dilmunwb
Minot, ND

Would need to see entire spider for a confident i.d. - however, I can at least say that it is not a recluse spider. BTW, although recluse spiders in general have a wide distribution, the brown recluse is a North American species...

Manama, Bahrain

Wish I had a photo of the eyes of the recluse but was relatively certain of it and they have been reported around here - along with brown and black widows...lovely

The spider was basically all folded up - have tried to get a photo of whole thing...minus 1 leg tho

Thumbnail by dilmunwb Thumbnail by dilmunwb
Manama, Bahrain

Also...I am assuming that the 2 large dark spots at the front are eyes - but are the 3 slightly paler ones either side also eyes?

Minot, ND

The overall appearance, including the eye pattern, of your spider is more consistent with it being a harmless orb weaver than any recluse spider. The eye pattern of recluse spiders is quite distinctive - see for an example.

Manama, Bahrain

Yep...that was the exact pattern I saw in the first spider brought in - 3 pairs of very small eyes. Didn't really see any other markings etc on it.

The general overall appearance of the 2 spiders (the recluse and this one) is very similar - light brown, non-descript with limited if any markings...its only the eyes that appear different

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