Missing Pollinators?

Saint Paul, MN

How is the pollinator population where you-all are? I live in suburban St. Paul, MN, and I'm wondering if anyone else is missing pollinators.

I have catmint, a vegetable garden full of vegetable and flower blooms, and a lawn full of white clover. I'm seeing no little flyers on the clover or cat mints. I did see a bumblebee today in the garden, and on Tuesday I saw a bee that was not a bumblebee.

My neighbors say that their catmint, which has been constantly a-buzz all season in years past, has no customers this summer.

I am worried.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

We have plenty of pollinators but we put up a mason bee structure in our garden and we also live on 18 acres that we farm organically. I know that bees are in trouble all over, though.

Shawnee Mission, KS(Zone 6a)

GG - What is your mason bee installation like?

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

We bought two mason bee houses from Gardeners Supply
and have them both in the same roughly rectangular roofed receptacle in our garden. I don't think we got more than a few the first year they were up but we've seen more since then.

Shawnee Mission, KS(Zone 6a)

Is the roofed receptacle a pole with a cover on it?

We have something that my husband bought but I have to build someway to hang it and figure out where in the yard to put it.

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

No, it's actually a rectangle - almost diamond-shaped - with the point at the top. The two top sections are like a little roof, and he has the two mason bee houses jammed in there like a 6 and 9 together. The roof is to keep it all relatively dry when it rains.

Shawnee Mission, KS(Zone 6a)

Thank you. I'll take another look at this. Maybe a structure is better.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

You can make your own bee block. For Orchard Mason Bees, you want holes 5/16" dia, about 4" deep. But you might want to try a few holes slightly larger or smaller for other native bees. You need to have it ready to go in the spring, it is probably too late for this year.
Also, watch for insects when it is below 85 degrees, they don't like the heat.

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