clover nitrogen fixing question

Bucks Lake, CA

I have some healthy clover growing in a vegetable bed that I want to seed. I began to pull it out and planned to feed it to our chickens. In order to get the benefit of the nodules on the roots that fix the oxygen, do I have to leave the roots in the ground and just cut the clover? Or have they been doing their job and I can pull roots and all out and then scatter my vegetable seeds?

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I think most of the Nitrogen is in the nodules and is released when the root breaks down. For green manures, you are supposed to cut the plant down before it goes to seed and turn the whole thing into the ground. But since your clover is probably a perennial that comes back from the roots, that will not work for you.
When I was a kid, we built our compost pile in the chicken pen. When the chickens were done with it, we cleaned the pen and that went into the garden. Since chicken manure is pretty "hot" ( too high in nitrogen), we did not plant immediately after.

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