problems with bugs and worms!!!

Center, TX

Hi all, I am having trouble with seed pods turning yellow and falling off. Is that bugs or to much rain. We've had more than usual. I found a green worm in one pod and bugs in others. Is there a spray or dust I can use? I need Help. Alday

Center, TX

how to get rid of white flies on hibiscus' Does anyone have a remedy for white flies. Alda

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

It's probably a combination of both. Too much rain will cause bud drop. I've brought a few of mine under cover when there is a big rain event.
For worms (which are actually caterpillars), you can use Sevin, which comes in a spray or powder.
As far as white flies are concerned, Neem Oil would work for them.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Last summer I had the same issue--White Flies everywhere. They are known
to attack Hibiscus.

I resorted to home-made spray of water, Dish SOAP--like"Joy"- (not detergent) and some rubbing alcohol. This worked for a short time--about a week--and then they were back.
You could use this spray every week and see if it helps. But--I think you
need something stronger.

Whiteflies are one of the hardest insects to deal with. Try Googling for more advice.


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