Kassandra in full sun?

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Has anyone tried to grow Kassandra in full sun? I have the opposite problem as most people - my gardens are almost entirely in the sun. A friend gave me a birdbath that is a wonderful match to Kassandra and I want to put them beside each other. I have had no problems with any other Heuchera in the sun but I've never tried one this color before. I know I'm going to give it a try but I'd feel better if someone else had been successful.

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Athens, PA

Looks like Kassandra likes part shade or full shade. http://www.perennials.com/plants/heuchera-kassandra.html

Do you have any trees that you could plant your heuchera under? I didn't have alot of shade in my gardens either, but made use of under trees, lilacs and shrubs. My heuchera are planted with japanese ferns, epimedium, hostas and brunnera under the trees and shrubs and seem to be doing well.

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Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

It's not that I don't have trees. It's that I want to plant this one by the birdbath. I have Crimson Curls, Obsidian, Sashay, Berry Smoothie, Palace Purple, Marvelous Marbles, Stainless Steele, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Chiffon, Purple Petticoats, and a couple I don't remember the name of - all in sun. I guess I shouldn't worry. Obviously they will do fine. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

By the way, your garden is beautiful!

Athens, PA

Thank you. Good luck to you. Post later and let us know - I am curious as to how Kassandra will perform in full sun.

Litchfield, NH(Zone 5b)

Rtreet and Carolyn,

I grew Kassandra in full sun. It was about 40' off the front/west/so-west side of my house, so it got early morning shade, but then by late AM it was in sun, and pretty much stayed in sun the rest of the day. I am in zn 5b. She was on the front edge of a bed that bordered my driveway and lawn, and was irrigated with the lawn sprinklers.

She didn't die, but she didn't thrive either, and she always had crispy leaves around her bottom edges. After about 3 years I decided she might like it better with a bit more shade, so I divided her and put her in part sun - much better without crispy leaves, so that would be my suggestion.



Athens, PA

Thank you, Jen.

I do think there are some heuchera that handle more sun than others. However, any of the heuchera, heucheralla, etc I have put into full sun has not done well.

However, I have a new Tiarella Taelon, which is getting morning to early afternoon sun as I have not planted it yet and it is thriving.

Litchfield, NH(Zone 5b)


I have found that 'Beaujolais' does best in full sun. I have others I've planted in part to full shade, and they aren't as happy as blazing full sun.


Athens, PA

Good to know Jen. Thank you.

I thought some would do well in sun. Kassandra for me does better in part shade.

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Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

Well, it has taken a year but I now know the answer to my original question. Kassandra does pretty well in full sun but some of the leaves scorch a bit. Not terribly disfiguring but noticeable. Caramel, almost identical, is fantastic in full sun. I also found out that Heucharellas also do fine in full sun.
1. Caramel
2. Kassandra
3. Kassandra
4. Heucharella 'Brass Lanterns'

Anyway, if you have a sunny spot go with 'Caramel'. Stunning natural shape and color.

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Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

I'm sorry. The last picture is heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'

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