Advice on setting up a drip irrigation system for Grow bags.

Humboldt, TN

I apologize in advance if this runs a little long.

I plan on setting up a grow bag system outdoors to raise strawberries. I need to figure out the best system to irrigate and supply micronutrients perhaps also manage salt buildup around the root systems as well. I've seen huge IBC systems used as a reservoir on youtube with the micronutrient, fertilizer, and water for irrigation all set up in the same reservoir. I'm wondering if that is a good system or if that would result in too much waste of fertilize and possibly too much salt in the root zone as well, not to mention I think I will have a much smaller setup. I will have about 800 to 1000 plants in around 400 feet of grow bags, coco coir is in the bags as the medium.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Anything whether it be advice, resources, etc is greatly appreciated. I'm kind of clueless on the irrigation systems that incorporate the fertilize.

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