who's this guy?

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

When I was little, these moths used to scare me so. Now, not so much. It is about 6" across. Thanks for your help.

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Edinburg, TX

Black Witch Moth ( Ascalapha odorata ) - male. The females have what looks like a white ric-rac border. They are beauties...some have a wingspan of 6 or so more inches. They like feasting on fruit on night - so you can try to some in a tray. They also like butterfly brew (blend up some ripe bananas with a little bit of dark beer and brown sugar) and pour it on a bait log or tree branch.

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East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

thank you so much for your help. I googled a little and found interesting factoids about this butterfly. No wonder it scared me when I was little, lol.


Edinburg, TX

It's a moth :o) Yeah...old Spanish tale says they are the harbingers of death. If one was on your front door then someone in the family was next. Fact is, they seek dark places to roost during day time hours - so since most houses had dark screen doors or were somewhat shaded by an eave that's where you'd see them. An uncle of mine has his house siding and eaves painted dark brown...and yep you guess it...I can usually find a few to a dozen or more roosting under the eaves when the flight/mating season is right.

They are big beautiful moths.

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