Moving Vanilla planifolia Albo Marginata photo

Brooksville , FL(Zone 9b)

I recently added a plant file and photo for Vanilla planifolia Albo Marginata. You moved the photo to the entry for the var. Variegata. I also notice you had a number of other photos that were already posted there as well that were incorrectly placed there. These are two very different forms. In the Variegata the leaves are streaked, and not necessarily margined, with yellow to cream, whereas the Albo Marginata have leaves that are margined and streaked with white. The most recent publication that I know of that list these as different varieties is 'Vanilla Orchids: Natural History and Cultivation' By Ken Cameron. However I first found it mentioned years ago in publications from the RHS back in the mid 80's back when I was doing active research on the Vanilla genera.

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