ID for this caterpillar please?

Gautier, MS

This worm caterpillar is munching on my Nicotianas leaves. Can anyone tell me what kind it is? It's mostly green hanging under the leave on top right. I also found a few tiny white eggs.

I'd really appreciate an ID, thanks.

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Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

Hi Helen...well, i see it hanging there but for me, there is not sufficient detail in your photo for an ID. If the caterpillars are still there can you try for a better pic?

Gautier, MS

Yesterdays picture was around noon with bright sunshine so it was hard even for me to see what I was doing.

I removed the leave with one of the caterpillar though I don't know if it's the same. Don't remember seeing that horn on it yesterday.

Hope this is better and thanks.

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Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

It looks like a Sphinx moth caterpillar in the genus Paonias, but i'm not sure...i don't think it is the species exaecatus, but maybe similar. You might take a look at some Paonias caterpillar images on the web. Hopefully someone who knows more than i do will jump in with some more specific info.

Gautier, MS

Thanks vitrsna for the info. It's helpful a lot more than what I had. I did see a moth close by today.

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