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Phlox paniculata bloom stimulant?

Palatine, IL(Zone 5b)


I am not sure if I am pruning or fertilizing my phlox properly to encourage blooming. Please view the pictures attached and offer any suggestions you may have. This plant receives about eight hours of sunlight a day intends to dry out. I water it about every three days. I live in zone 5b.
Thanks in advance for your help. Please see the photos attached.

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Thumbnail by reddog690 Thumbnail by reddog690 Thumbnail by reddog690 Thumbnail by reddog690
Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

I have pink phlox and I cut off the faded flowers and more flowers bloom from the lower stems. I do not know what is the name of my phlox.

Thumbnail by cytf
Portage, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi Red Dog,
Can't comment re a bloom stimulant. However, I might say I am not sure those photos look like Phlox paniculata. Phlox paniculata blooms with large "panicles" on the top of fairly stiff stems. The flowers are like pom-poms on the tops of the stems. Mine have not started to bloom yet. I am not sure what you have there. Am wondering if it might be some kind of bellflower, but that is just a wild guess. If you deadhead back to about 1/4" above a leaf axil, you may be able to get that plant to put out a second flush of flowers. Do you have a photo of it when it was in full bloom? If so, you might post that photo on a new thread and request help identifying it.

Palatine, IL(Zone 5b)

Previously, Dave's beginner gardening forum helped me identify this as Phlox Paniculata. However I agree with you that the flowers look nothing like pom-poms. I will search some more. Thanks for your help.

Portage, MI(Zone 5b)

I have to correct myself about bloom time. My self-sown Phlox paniculata is already blooming. The white 'David' just began opening a day or two ago.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

It would be best to post plant ID questions in the Plant ID forum.

Your plant is actually Dame's rocket, Hesperis matronalis. If you cut off the long seedpod-bearing stems at their bases, it may possibly bloom again... don't know.

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