Ceratozamia fusco-viridis anyone?

Dana Point, CA(Zone 10b)

anyone growing one of these?

Dana Point, CA(Zone 10b)

I nabbed it and found a good spot I think. Filtered light/shade with dedicated dripper.

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noonamah, Australia

That looks quite good. I don't have any Ceratozamias. Always had the impression they were more of a rainforest type genus. I should try some, although they're not all that commonly available here.

Dana Point, CA(Zone 10b)

The local palm nursery I regularly visit had it. I kept eyeing it for the last week or so. Jim, the nursery owner said it was one of his favorites and he was thinking about taking it home for himself. He was very impressed with how long it kept it red flush leaves. I can tell you it wasn't cheap. I had a space in my front yard garden, which now seems to be a "Jurassic" theme after this got put in. I have two Cycad Revolutas (Sago) and a few Zamia Furfuraceas(Cardboard) both very common cycads in So Cal anyway.

Link to a document referring to the ceratozamia fuscos-viridis:

The grower that delivered this particular plant to Jim says the following they are extremely rare, don't expect to find another one for awhile. Other details:
*wants filtered light and to be well watered.
*they're endemic to Hildago region of Mexico (Gulf side) - probably where it rains a lot.
*On the critically endangered list.

It really is a beautiful cycad in person. Hopefully I can keep it alive.

Here's another pic of one off the net:

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noonamah, Australia

Looks really nice with that colour, a lot like some Blechnum sp. fern. The last time I let my head go at a nursery I ended up with Cycas debaoensis and Zamia skinneri. Looking back on them, my collection of cycads is quite modest but starting to look good. There's a lot of Cycas armstrongii, it's native here so has been growing on my place long before humans even appeared on the planet. Also got C. xipholepis, revoluta and debaoensis as mentioned (the revoluta is quite sick, can't work out why). In Zamias there's furfuracea, skinneri and vasquezii (the one that's wrongly sold as fischeri). In Bowenia both spectabilis and serrulata. And Lepidozamia hopei.

At this stage haven't got any plans for more (provided I keep out of nurseries for a while, LOL). Good luck with yours.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Was for years called Ceratozamia 'Red Back' until it was described not that many years ago. One of the largest of all the Ceratozamias in Loran Whitelock's yard (see below)

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