Im baaaa-ack! With a new baby! Id like to introduce "Tank"

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Hey there everyone! Im now back on line and cant wait to get started up again with forums here on the Garden First things first.....Tah dah.....Introducing my English Mastiff baby boy, Tank. He is now 17 months old and weighs in 110 lbs. Big ole Doofus , he is! But I think he's probably the best pup ever, in the Big Dog Category.

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Oh my gosh, how sweet is that! Definitely in the Big Dog category. Aren't you lucky ... and Tank is too.

Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

Yikes! That is a whole lot of love! (and dog poop)

Dahlonega, GA

Gosh , he's getting big .Don't have to worry about coyotes now .

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

No, I don't have to worry about any predators now... not even anoles(green Lizards) lol! The only thing that I have to worry about is the damage done by either his "crazy" Puppy antics or his ever swishing tail!! He seems to be calming down a bit now since hes 18 months , but hes still so rambunctious!!

Dahlonega, GA

At least he doesn't dig your plants out of thier pots .

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Oh heavens ...that is exactly what he'll do. Anything new, he has to claim as his own! My Mom gave me a huge planter of Hen and chicks....he ate everyone!

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