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My question is in regards to a product called 'LEBA III' .. it's a spray given to your dog twice a day (morn and eve), it's purpose is to decrease, and, eventually get rid of their tooth tartar. When it mixes with your dogs saliva, an enzyme is created and that's what goes to work on their teeth.
Our Lilly has the beginnings of tartar bulidup and we do NOT want to have her anaesthetiized for dental work.
Has anyone on this site ever used this product, or, know of someone who has ?
It's to be given half an hour after eating or drinking ..

As well, any suggestions on how to make this ONE SPRAY into the mouth a NON catastrophic event. We have three Westies to give the spray to ...


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Sorry I have never heard of this stuff

With my big box I give him cardboard boxes to tear up and they clean his teeth, Saved me over $400.00

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