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Barnesville, GA

I have a lotus that I put in the pond this spring. It is in a fairly large (~ 16 " diam.) container and planted according to instruction, about 6 " below the surface. Three fertilizer tablets at planting and two more about a month later. The first leaves stayed on the surface and later leaves are about a foot above the surface as expected. About 2 months after planting, a small flower bud emerged about an inch above water and stopped. It has been there ever since with no other buds coming. Would one not expect a new lotus to bloom sometime within five months after planting? Am I under- ( or over- ) fertilizing? Is there any other explanation?

(Zone 9a)

The first leaves are always floaters so that is not unusual. When I successfully grew lotus I fertilized at least every three weeks. As the water temperature heats up they need a lot of food. It is getting late in the season but I would try and fertilize again and see what happens.

That being said, I have had trouble in the past few years with symptoms similar to yours. Another DG'r also had problems this year. I am wondering if there isn't an insect or disease out there that has not been diagnosed yet.

These are from a few years ago.

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Barnesville, GA

Thanks, Ardesia. I am encouraged to fertilize more. We'll see what happens.

Columbus, OH

Is it a young plant? It can take a year or more for a new plant to bloom.

It might be a fertilizer issue too. Pondtabbs brand recommend 1 tab for every gallon of soil and to fertilize every 2 weeks in the height of the growing season.

Barnesville, GA

I talked with the source of the plant, Lilypons, and they said the lotus is not expected to bloom first year and that I should give it three fertilizer tablets once a month. It is now spring and I have new leaves coming. I started the fertilizer program. We will see how itgoes.

Decatur, GA

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