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Flowers for wedding in 6 weeks!

Denver, CO

Hello, me and my fiance are thinking of planting some flowers in the homemade flower pots imaged here we made from an old fence. We are going for a rustic look that will be held in the Colorado mountains. My question is what would you recommend to plant this late in the season in hopes to have blooming flowers on Sept 21st (wedding date)? Just thinking big lush and beautiful if possible. I live in Denver and would put the pots in full sun and water every day until this date. Thanks!

Thumbnail by dooner24
(Terri ) South Bosto, VA(Zone 7a)

I don't know of any seeds that will sprout and bloom in less than 6 weeks, not saying there aren't but a lot depends on your growing zone and how warm the weather will be through then

I want to offer an alternative suggestion- find a local nursery and ask what fall flowers will be available and in bloom for them and order enough plants to fill your containers - not transplanting just put container and all into your homemade planters, stuffing Spanish moss on top of and in between the pots to hide their pots. I would think it would probably be Chrysanthemums and Asters at that time of year.

Hopkinton, MA(Zone 5b)

dooner24, I think your best bet is to get plants instead of seeds. There are too many factors that can harm seeds, so plants are much more likely to survive and look great for the wedding. You can cut costs by getting a tray of plugs (tiny plants), however, they might not overflow the planters by September. I would aim for lush greenery over flowers if you have to make a choice, and I suggest looking for deals at local nurseries, eBay, and Dave's Garden Watchdog internet companies:

Nancy G.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Another factor is the notoriously fickle weather of the Rockies...there's always the possibility of cold (and even snow) that early, so I definitely wouldn't try to grow plants from seed this late in the season. And if you're planning a wedding, chances are good you have better things to do than fret over seedlings. Best wishes!

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Cool repurposed material pots, though, very rustic and trendy

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

These planters are just so beautiful, very rustic and apt for any wedding display either in church or out-doors.
I have no idea of the type of WILD flowers that grow well in your part of the world, BUT, I would be inclined to match rustic / country type of plants for that kind of rustic planter, these planters could be raised or left at ground level BUT, I would personally lift them up on a stand or pile of bricks for instance.

Why not go to a florists shop and enquire what type of flowering plants would be still in bloom towards the intro of Autumn approaching. Don't forget about Grasses and greenery, these may be the best things for filling the boxes AND cost less if you can collect the greenery from the wild, maybe wood areas or edging rivers, lakes or wood edges.
I dont know IF you can buy blocks of the green Oasis that florists use when arranging flowers for displays, it gets soaked with water and you insert the stems into the blocks of Oasis, there will be wholesale places or on line companies who sell any helpful items for florists so have a look and cost it all out.

I would try use mostly greenery with a few or your areas wild flowers to give a theme, BUT green with yellow edges, rusts, dried cornstalks in bunches ect can also look good with say a Poppy, Corn Cockle and Daisies, what more can you ask for in a rustic planter, line the planters with thick clear plastic IF your going to need water added to the planter to keep the plants in shape as they will need arranged at least the day before and misted each day too to keep them fresh. A few silk flowers could do the trick too where colour is required as with loads of greenery, you wont need too many flowers or it begins to look over done.

I'm sure there is a flower arranging forum on this site so maybe look at that and they will be able to help better than i can.

Congratulations, have a wonderful day and just enjoy, it's not a rehearsal and is over very fast.
Kindest Regards.

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