Wasp/hornets not bees

Roslyn, United States

I dont know where to post. I have a nest of wasps or hornets that live inside my bedroom wall. I see them outside going into an area under my deck that has some holes. Tried spray at night, day and in the afternoon risking stings (never did) and plugging the area with cotton balls but they still seem to get in and not die. Trying for 2 weeks and went through 5 cans of killer spray. It only kills on contact and cant get inside the hole. Suggestions?

New Lisbon, WI(Zone 4b)

I think it might be time to call an exterminator... These are most likely yellow jackets and they can be pretty aggressive. I knew of someone that had them in her kitchen!

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Many of these sorts can chew through sheetrock and end up inside the house. Call an exterminator.

What I used to do: (I was a beekeeper, and had the full suit for protection)
Aim one of those flea spray foggers into the hole. The ones you let spray and you leave the house. Must not breath it. Must keep it aimed into the hole. This can be tricky because they spray best right side up. If the nest entrance is sideways the can may lose most of the propellant yet not discharge all the active ingredient.
Read the labels. If it says something like "This product is highly toxic to honeybees..." That is a good one.

When you plugged the hole with cotton, did they remove the cotton, work around it, or make a new hole?
More permanent fillers:
Expanding foam filler

Roslyn, United States

They did not come back this year. Thank you.

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