Retiring Abroad: Living costs in 12 cities

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Does not cover healthcare, which can be complex enough to warrant its own article, LOL. This is a regular blog on the free US News & World Report website, and in the article there are links to previous columns which may also be helpful.

What it Costs to Retire in 12 Great Places
These top retirement spots in Europe, Asia and the Americas are enticing and affordable.
US News & World Report Aug. 4, 2014

Choosing where to reinvent your life in retirement overseas is a thoroughly personal decision. You should retire in another country because you feel at home there and enjoy the way of life on offer. Bottom line, your heart should lead the way.

However, your head should have a say, too, of course. While you may listen to your gut feeling about the best place for you to retire overseas, you should also look at more practical factors when considering your options.

For many people, cost is key, including both the cost of living and the cost of real estate. Whether you intend to purchase a home in your new location overseas or rent one, this housing expense will be a significant part of your overall budget and should be considered separate from other monthly costs.

Scanning the world map in 2014, 12 places stand out as top-notch retirement options. Each place is different, but all of them offer tremendously appealing lifestyles for the cost. To help you filter these choices, you need three pieces of critical data about each city: the cost of living minus housing, the typical cost of renting and the average cost per square meter to purchase property.

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