Hydrogen peroxide

Hobart, IN

Trying to do a little checking on what ails my one and only Echinacea 'Summer Sky' two years in a row has my head spinning. It looks like either a bacterial or fungal thing (not "yellows") and I thought that spritzing with a diluted solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide with water might help. (Of course it rained the day after I applied so will have to do so again.) So, got to looking at other uses for H2O2 in treating other garden diseases (NOT as a soil oxygenator). Then searching got complicated with phosphorus and chlorinated city water vs rain water. So, I thought I'd ask gardeners in my area what their experiences might be with using H2O2 (any detrimental effects on the good stuff in organic soils? any benefits in treating ill plants?) and, secondly, if using chlorinated city water when it doesn't rain depletes soil phosphorus. If anyone can point me in the right direction, my brain would appreciate it.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Well Cindy it should be interesting to see the replies to this ..

My 2 cents worth you have heard before , 1capful of listerine , 1 capful of ammonia as (nitrogen.. If it is bacteria , it kills them .
Tried and tested method on my Echie's ..

Good luck ^_^

Hobart, IN

juhur - thanks for your reply! Has your treatment worked on the problem you have with your Echies? Does it matter which type of ammonia (ie non-sudsing) is used? How much water do you add? I had heard a TX organic guy talking about using peroxide for various garden issues.
I'm trying to do no harm to my soil since I'm trying to improve nutrients, organic matter, etc since that's the same area that I grow my minimal veggies in. I started looking around on the 'net this morning and it's basically TMI for me to sift through, especially since there are different opinions.
Brain flash! I wonder if Neem would help with the Echie issues.
The city water thing is something I started wondering about last year, which was drier, requiring more use of the sprinkler. Admittedly, I can get on a "roll" with questions.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Our water is like that also , rain , or filtered is about it ,,
our water is how to kill seedlings , which is what hydrogen peroxide is usually used as (seedling water )

Those are a bottle capful to a quart hand plant sprayer (the cap on the bottles .
Mine takes several applications , about as often as fertilizing with commercial fertilizer .
I did end up using an eye dropper , as I did that too often , Sprayed too often I had to reduce that to 1 ml. of listerine and 2ml of ammonia ( the common Ammonia , that is all I know of ) the other you suggested , I cannot say as I have never used others to memory ..

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I will show you these , some problems still , hollow spots in cones , On the coneflower forum I did a thread last season , those cones of the seed were almost growing green plants their self
Plants near the house are those , big difference since then ,
Thinking that some of the problem is nutritional also ..
If it was truly Yellow's I do not believe the BES would look as well as they do , or several others ,,
Could be cross pollination from hybrid forms also ?

All different and as they look today , beginning to fade ..

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Hobart, IN

Hmm - I will have to go look at my seed-started Echies down in the back garden to see if they're suffering from the wilting and browning. They're just plain ole Echies although there might be a few 'Magnus' from seed down there as well. But they do grow in drier conditions in shade as I rarely give them supplemental water.

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