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Matching the garden flowers to the house color

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

pfg's thread about combinations got me musing about house color (also my house is being painted today). I have an ordinary suburban lot, so gardens are dominated by the house.

I have found I need to coordinate plantings near my house with the house color. When I first started gardening I lived in a light grey house with white trim. Pink flowers looked great against it. Then I lived in a dark rusty brown house. Pink looked terrible, and so did white, so I began using warm colors. Light greyed or pastelly tones seemed washed out, so I ended up with strong warm colors. Now I live in a warm yellowy-tan house, with orangey-red door and green-brown railings. Warm tones look good here too, but they do not have to be so strong. White is not great. I have one garden area that I see from inside the house, that is never really viewed while in the yard looking toward the house. Here I have put pink, white and cooler colors.

Have you found yourself coordinating like this also?

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