Horro, porn, related spam

Look, I hate to have to do this, but I've received a ton of E-mail on this subject from members clueing me in to this whole spam problem that's been going on for a long time.

Several members have told me that they own two E-mail addresses - one used on Dave's Garden, the other used on "a different site". The Dave's Garden address has yet to receive any spam, while the "different site" address is basically unusable now with all the spam.

The conclusion: Using GardenWeb will get you all the spam you can eat, and more.

The solution: If you really want to stop this spam, the only thing you can do is change your E-mail address and never post with that address on Gardenweb again. Your address is 100% protected here at Dave's Garden, and I can offer you a personal guarantee that you will never be spammed from anyone finding your address here.

I just want to give everyone the clear facts..


Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Dave - If I change my email addr on GW, does that mean I have to change my email address everywhere. Thanks for helping this computer dummy, lol.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Dave, when I had some bother at GW, not from Spike, but from a member, I asked for all my details to be removed from the web site and it was. I have no horro stories to date.

The only way for you to completely eliminate this problem is to forget your old E-mail address.

Create a new (and different) one, and then update your preferences here at DG with your new address. Then only visit sites that protect your privacy completely (such as DG does).

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

I have a couple of different e-mail addresses and one main one. Most of them are free, and do not automatically open the first e-mail. Excite and Discovery are both good that way. I was successful with Juno in this situation because I don't have to be online to check my mail, I can go and just download it, and so since I was offline the bad spams were unable to load and were basicly harmless. They were also unable to put cookies on my PC. Once again, I have 5 (6?) e-mail accounts, the only one that recieved this was the one I use for GW. There is NO doubt in my mind that none of this originated from Daves Garden, or could in the future. Daves advice is the only solution, change your e-mail address, its upsetting but its the only way. I would be really cheezed off if I had to delete my main account that I've had for 5 years and all my friends and family uses but it can't be helped. And yes Grits you'll have to act just as if you were moving and give the new address out to whomever you want to have it.

Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

I haven't posted at GW for over 2 months or more, never did have a page there. I have only posted here at Dave's the last 2 months or more, I haven't gotten any of these porno spam e-mails. I hope they stop, for the ones who are getting them.

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