Rudbeckia "irish eyes"

Mead, WA

I started a little stem of a huge yard full of irish eyes Rudbeckia and it took the first year. I just stuck it in water for a few days, then put it in soil and now I have some HUGE plants that are about 8 feet tall the 2nd year. They are cone flower Irish eyes, no doubt and want to move the plant (s) It seems to be one, but at the base there are stalks like celery. Should I start more from seed or move the plant? Which ever is the surest way to re-start in another area. Also where are the seeds? They are still green with darker tips, perhaps the tips will turn black? Help please to know how and when to get those seeds. I will gladly share if possible.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The pictures you sent have the flowers in full bloom, there will be NO seeds until the flowering time is over and the flowers fade looking like ALL flowers do after giving you a wonderful show.

After the flowers have died you will notice the darker bit dry out, within the seed-head's there will be more than enough seeds to give you as many plants as you could possibly want, OR you can pick a few flowering stems and take them indoors, allow the flowering stems to drie out, keep an eye on the heads and you will find the seed-heads opening up and show the seeds that you need to plant for more offspring.

OR you can scrape away some soil at the base of the plant, look for shoots that have some roots attached to them, remove these bits with a very clean SHARP knife close to the parent BUT must have some roots.

Remove all the taller top growth and set this cutting into the edge of a flower pot filled with compost to grow the new plant-let on, keep out of full sun and in a sheltered area, make sure you water the cutting/s, keep caring for them and you can plant them outside as soon as the weather permit's and they are large enough.
Best time to take these cuttings is end of flowering season or spring when NEW growth starts to sprout.
IF you take actual cuttings, the new plants will be exactly same as the parent but, new plants from seeds might throw up a few different coloured flowers.
Hope this helps you out a bit and you have much fun growing more new plants regardless what way you do it.

Kindest Regards.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

"at the base there are stalks like celery"
You can separate these, with roots as specified by WeeNel. Then the new plants will have the same growth habit and flower color as the parents.

You can take a gamble and save seed, you might come up with some interesting variations. Put a bag over the seed heads before they scatter to capture the seeds.

Natick, MA

Imple, Those are GORGEOUS flowers!

On a different but similar (Rubeckia) vain,can I ask a question of you all....
I bought a gorgeous, FULL Rubececkia (Denver daisy) yesterday. Couldn't not resist. Woman at nursery tells me sometimes they reseed, sometimes not. Can one take cuttings in the fall after flowing and root with rooting power or ?? I want a "backup" (or just save seeds)?

Kensington, NY

Wow, Imple, I got HUGE Rudbeckia too! They got about nine feet tall in my Brooklyn NY front yard! In my plant identification thread they dubbed them " Rudbeckia on steroids"!

I had gotten the roots and a little green last year at a plant swap. They grew about two and a half feet, then vanished. There was nothing above the surface at all in the winter of 13-14. I thought they had died. Then there were stalks and some unusual leaves, they grew, they grew,
and they got to be seven feet before the first flower bud. They neighbor demanded to know what I had planted - she thought it was so going to undermine her porch foundation!

They did not, they just grew taller. One day Mom went out with her good scissors and cut some for indoors.

Mine have turned brown now and I just shook the seeds off the seed head into a lozenge tin without any difficulty.

I am in zone 7a BTW- You must be in zone 6 or even 5.

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