Brugmansia relative?

Brookfield, CT

I photographed this plant at the Belize Botanical Garden. It is similar to a Brugmansia, but the flower is narrower and the leaves are more leathery, shiny and opposite. It had very little fragrance. The plant was growing as an understory shrub in a forested area. Does anyone recognize this plant? I have also posted in the plant ID forum.

Brookfield, CT

Here are the photos of the Brugmansia look-alike that should have accompanied my previous post

Thumbnail by wandygirl Thumbnail by wandygirl
Brookfield, CT

Apologies for the lousy photos!

Thumbnail by wandygirl
Mulberry, FL

I am not sure what it is but would be willing to do a trade to try to grow it here. Where is Brookfeild?? I come from Madison Ct.

Thumbnail by Danasplants
Long Beach, CA

It is a dominican bellflower plant aka tree lily. (Cubanola domingensis, Portlandia domingensis)


Indiantown, FL

I have seeds from this one, that I got a couple of years ago and never planted, time tends to get away from me. Hopefully soon and they are still good.

Brookfield, CT

Rhapsody, thank you for the ID. Danasplants, I did not bring back any seeds. I didn't want to risk getting thrown in jail and tortured by APHIS/PPQ. Brookfield is near Danbury. I am amazed by the similarity to brugmansia, but the two are not even in the same family.

Mulberry, FL

I bought this plant very tropical and expensive but worth it

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