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Yachats, OR(Zone 8b)

Hello every one,
It's been years since I posted! Life has been so hectic as of late with a loved one battling cancer. Sometimes it's easy to forget the beautiful things in life, such as gardening and plants, when things seem so dark..

Anywho, I was wanting to get advice on my area, and what type of bamboo plants would survive.
I live in southwestern Colorado where it's fairly deserty, but also higher in elevation (6000 feet roughly). We get some rain, but not a ton. You could say our landscape is similar to Arizona or Utah. The winters are still very cold because it's Colorado.

I've heard of people trying to grow bamboo around here, but it never works out. I'm assuming that's because of the species they've tried out.. If any one would know of any good species to try out that are hardy to a zone 4/5, that would be wonderful..

Thanks so much!

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Maybe species from the genus Phyllostachys? ABS lists them as "Medium to giant runners" with minimum cold hardiness -10F (some leaf damage, not fatal).

I didn't find any clumpers hardy to -20F.
This guy is said to be hardy to -22F, but he's a runner:
Arundinaria gigantea 'Macon'

Try the ABS search with "-15F" cold hardiness, and you'll find a bunch of species and varieties in the genus Fargesia. Some are clumpers, which your neighbors will thank you for.

Fargesia rufa is what I picked for Zone 8 and I love my 5-year-old clump. Heavy wet snow bows it down to the ground, but it springs right back up. Mine has never had to deal with anything colder than 10F or 0F, briefly.

Here's a link, but they talk about "winter protection":

These folks are in their second year with running bamboo - good luck to them!

Bamboo also usually likes water and humidity. Maybe drought will keep the runners from spreading everywhere - MAYBE.

I don't know, I only worry about hardiness in my own Zone 8. But here is a great resource you might browse for ideas.

This explains what the filters mean and give general information:

This lets you filter/search for what you want, and then browse among those that meet your needs:

First decide whether you can bring in running bamboo, which many would consider invasive.
I limited myself to "clumping", not semi-clumping.

Then use the hardiness filter to a temperature that you choose. Am I right thinking that Zone 4 goes below -20 to -30 F in AVERAGE years?

The ABS hardiness threshold is:
"The minimum temperature is the point at which leaf damage begins to appear after a short exposure to the temperature. Culm and rhizome death generally occur at much lower temperatures."

You could pick a hardiness that is likely to have SOME leaf damage in SOME cold years, or pick something likely to have some leaf damage in most years, but not expect the plant to die from cold except in very rare years.

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Bedford, VA(Zone 7a)

Hello, i would like to add, you should buy plants, not seed. Ive purchased seed for black bamboo twice, sucessfully raised plants only to find they turned out to be invasive, run of the mill yellow bamboo!

The seeds were purchased from a grower on ebay, and from Amazon. Phttht!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I have a small Green Panda Fargesia Rufa , Very slow growing , it will be three years old this year .
Outside it is still green , now , Takes cold okay ,, last years two weeks 10 to 20 degrees below temperatures , all at the same time , proved it's hardiness .

Some Arundinaria, (giant river cane) I am trying now , Supposedly Hardly hardy to Minnesota in some cases . I suppose I will find out ,

My Bamboo seed attempts never Germinate like their suppose to according to all the information ,
This was planted in June 2014 , sprouted last week ,
I am working on a carbon Electro Carbinol formula . like used to germinate petrified or long dormant seeds , for such as this ,, any live cell activates when the carbon , amino , formula is correct ..
A small Black Stem Albea - carea Fargesia ,

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Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

>> 10 to 20 degrees below

-10 to -20 F?? Or 10-20 degrees below freezing (12-22 F or -10 to -20 C)?

I thought F. rufa would have leaf damage around -10F, even a short exposure.

I'm glad yours came through OK!

P.S. "They" seem to have renamed Fargesia rufa
Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa'

I can't keep up with name changes! Darn DNA paternity tests, anyway! :-)

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yes that is Fahrenheit ,, Mine is only about a tenth the size of yours , some leaf damage , yellowing and all ,, Yours is Rufa , ? looks good ,,
26 below F , is about the lowest it will take and live at all , is my guess , That is ground temperature and a couple of weeks
But it comes right back in spring ,
Still the name works as Green Panda ,

I have another , from seed Fargesia sp Jiuzhaigou If they are , if they sprout ,, usual questions

Here is a pot of the river cane ,, some outside I can't get to as of weather ...

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

wrong pic above ,,
Clearer here ;

I don't mean to say so little (or type) .
So I will say I had giant moso growing before I got into personal trouble ,, Most show that as easy to grow from seed ,, Had several , and while i was I having trouble it all died ,
Took over four months to sprout ,
I remember dosing it with Butryic acid and it then germinated after setting for months ,

I have some seeds in a formula of indole
Some in a carbinol saline ,
And a few more in a DE Earth and Butryic acid , heavy powder , solution
Some in plain old plant starting mix (if there is such a thing , besides earth) (hydroponics does not apply here ) ?


One of these and electrolysis will germinate cells petrified in a rock ,,
Amazing what happens when the seed Bug , Gets You ,,, !!! lol
Lots of people say seeds no good ,, even when real ,, others get grass ,, other info , lots of heat to sprout them (does not hurt from experience)
Like said though , other is ,, Long time to sprout ,, months to years , way it is with me

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Lilytoes , I did not intend to steal your thread ..

#1 Fargesia sp Jiuzhaigou about 7days , first sprout . Clumping type plant
#2 The Albo carea , clumping type also . still looks the same , 6 to 7 months to sprout

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