Panicum "Cheyenne Sky"

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

I'm thinking about adding this grass to my garden. Does anyone have any experience with it? Do you like it? Does it reseed all over?

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi, I have been looking at the same plant. I asked on Perennials forum which is definitely the wrong forum. Somehow, when I looked for a grass forum, I overlooked this forum.

So, there is a little information about grasses over there, but not really any information on Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky'.
There's some information on checking out some other websites etc. about Ornamental Grasses.

Tell me where you are planning to use this plant? And for what purpose? I first learned about this plant from P Allen Smith. What about you? I don't mean to give you the third degree but would like to start a conversation about this plant.

I have done extensive research on grasses and have run the gamut from natives to out of country grasses. I'm torn between getting Miscanthus that might be invasive in my area, to sticking to natives that might be aggressive re-seeders and too aggressive spread by stolons. Natives can be great and then, they can be thugs.

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