Wanted: Brugs

Gulfport, MS(Zone 8a)

After a long break from life in general, I'm finally back up and running.
I'm hoping to find cuttings if Brugs but have nothing to trade yet.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Just jen---

I have 2 brugs

--Dr. Seuss--gorgeous, yellow, fragrant blooms. Grows big--Huge in about 3 years

_"Maya"--variegated leaves--blooms are white to pale apricot when done blooming.

I will be taking stem cuttings of mine close to end of October.
I always take 5"-6" hard-wood cuttings. never soft growth. Just stick them
all the way down into 5" pots filled with soil. They root quite quickly.

Remind me near mid--end of October. I will gladly mail the cuttings to you--for postage.
If you need directions on how to grow them, I have written a primer.
Of course--it would be about MY area--Baltimore, MD--zone--7a.

Send me a D-mail. Gita

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