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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 9b)

This is closed for now, I will return and be digging this bed out for rejuvenation in early October. Most if not all of the S.spathacea is spoken for, but the artemisia could still be taken. It's pretty sprawly; if anyone is good at rooting woody plants??? I don't know how that it done, but this plant WILL root where it touches ground if the conditions are right...
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I have at least two sprawly Powis Castle artemisias (one is either REALLY big or it's actually 2-3 plants, I forget!), and probably a dozen rooted starters of native Salvia spathacea -- it roots where it touches ground so number of shoots will depend on the delicacy of digging them up. This or next weekend or on arrangement, during the week.

S.spathacea will grow under oaks!!! Nurseryman tells me it's good near coast; for me inland it has thrived on near total neglect; namely poor soil and very irregular water.

Location is Santa Ana near Tustin, in the 5-55-22 triangle. PM me!

ETA -- I have a FEW gallon pots and can provide a contractor bag and a couple of open-mesh "flats" but more/larger pots or dishpans would be a good thing!

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