Rotting plants

Hobart, IN

Is anyone experiencing rotting plants as a result of all of the rain we've had? The humidity level here seems to prevent plants from drying out between rain storms. I've got mildew on squash leaves, cucumber leaves turning yellow and hole-y, and a New Guinea impatiens and foxglove foliage turning to black mush. My annuals have been leggy for half the summer, flopping into a giant heap. I know I shouldn't whine with the drought prevalent in the west but does anyone have any coping suggestions?
Speaking of moisture, I heard in the past week that this winter is supposed to be drier than normal. Of course, another almanac prediction calls for the eastern two thirds of the country to be colder than normal (again?).

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

My Iris and Hybrid Daylily are having trouble with the rot .. and it is still raining four or so times a week here .
Realizing this is over a month ago for you (Cindy) Still it is here now ..
Anything from 1 to 11 degrees below normal here all this season

There is a rainbow to this story though ,,, No watering , and still this .. or these .. ^_^
Good Size Big Rainbow ... ^_^

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Hobart, IN

Beautiful tomatoes! Mine aren't turning out quite as pretty and it seems to take forever for them to ripen. Cucumbers and squash doing okay though.
My fingers are itching to prune shrubs since the rain has made them grow like crazy but I know better than to do that now. Would like to do more outdoors but it's either too wet or the mosquitoes will carry me away if there's no wind. I've been trying not to use insect repellents this year. I think you're getting more rain than I am so it must feel like a swamp down state.

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