September: Is summer over??

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

We came from here:

Labor Day is the official last holiday of summer but there are several holidays and other "days" observed in September.
Labor Day, of course, is observed here in the U.S, but it is also observed in Canada. Patriot Day is observed on September 11th. The International Day of Peace is held on September 21st. Fall begins officially on September 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere. The Jewish holidays of Selichot (Sept. 20th) and Rosh Hashana (Sept. 24--26th) are observed this month, too.

Here are some more September Observances & Fun Facts
September 2014 is Observed as
National Cholesterol Education Month
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month
National Honey Month
National School Success Month
Whole Grains Month
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness

Birthstone Sapphire
Fruit & Veggies for the Month of September:
Peppers: Cayenne Pepper...
Chili Peppers, Poblano Peppers
Serrano Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper

September Flower Aster & Forget-me-not
Astrological Signs Virgo (till 22nd) & Libra (23rd →)
Other Notable September Dates & Events
Sept 27: Family Health & Fitness Day USA

Who knew all this? I certainly didn't until I "googled" it. LOL

Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting way to start a new month. Join us here with your photos and chat. We are always ready to "talk". :D

After almost an entire month with very little rain (1/4 inch), we finally got a good rain on Saturday--almost a whole inch! Hooray! More is predicted the next two days. I sure hope it materializes! Our lawn was really starting to turn brown. :(

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Interesting facts about September, Marilyn. I didn't know.

We've had a fairly wet weekend. At least yesterday afternoon and evening was. Two of our kids and 3 of the kids grands came to the lake in the afternoon and the grands got to swim late in the day for about an hour. That turned out ok since we mostly watched the games on TV. We had a BBQ butt plus all the homemade sides for dinner so we had plenty of good food. I think I was starving by the time we ate, I don't remember eating so much in a while, lol! We decided to stay at the lake again tonite and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Marilyn, I guess you and Al are getting ready to go on your trip. Hope all is going well. And hope you all have had a great weekend.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Nope didn't know all that Marilyn!

I did read today that we are supposed to have a cold and wetter than normal winter. However, it said while it would be cold probably not the extreme temps. It went on to if I remember right that the more rain we have the fewer extreme temperatures. It explained that but I don't remember the technical details. We've had lots of rain this summer and much lower temperatures. It said that northeastern Arkansas had much less rain and the temps reached a 100 or over this past week. So Marilyn maybe that explains why your temperatures have seemed to be hotter than ours. Sounds like you've had a whole lot less rain than we have. Don't know anything about it but just trying to remember what I read.

I don't like to travel anywhere on a holiday weekend so I've been trying to get ahead on my painting. I also had to make soap. Suddenly realized I've very low and it has to cure for several weeks before I can sell it. Think I'm going to be totally out of a few things for a while but that's just the way it goes!

When I worked and was off for a long weekend we would usually get out and go somewhere. But since my time is flexible I just decided long ago to travel on some other day. Too much traffic and too many crazies!

The new side of the mall opened this Friday and the traffic has really been good this weekend. I didn't sell any furniture in my new booth but I sold enough accessories in 3 days to pay my rent for the month. They were fairly expensive type accessories. A step in the right direction . Just have to see how it goes.

Be safe on your trip Marilyn. I know you will have fun.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Have a safe trip Marilyn & Al!!! There is so much to see I have no doubt that Yall will have fun!!!

I didn't make it to church yesterday as my stomach just didn't feel right. I decided to go feed my fish and was sitting on my bench by the pond when I was attacked by yellow jackets. They stung me 5 times at once and I was a swollen mesh yesterday including my nose. I have to get Orkin to come back and spray them if we can find their nest. I'm not sure I want to even look. It was totally crazy as I sit back there all throughout every day but yesterday was bad. I need to go back there now but I haven't gotten the courage to try it yet.

Elaine it was a good weekend for our college teams to start the season. LSU had us on the edge of our seats and then pulled it out in the last 1/2. TG!!! Over 1/2 of our team graduated last May so its like starting over but the young men made us proud!!!

I'm like you Charlotte on traveling during a holiday, although if we are gonna travel then I want to already be there before the holiday and just relax on the holiday and even the day after. Then proceed on after that. The kids took our Mustang to Jim in San Antonia so he would have something besides his truck to drive around and then went to Schlitterbahn in New Braunsfel, Tx and should be starting home today.

My cousin, Billy passed away last Monday, his birthday was Sept. 2 and he would have made 60. He and my cousin, Karen were both adopted and he stayed with my family while they went to get Karen and both of them were like a sister & brother to me. Of course, when we were young it was more of a love-hate relationship b/c he tormented me like a brother but I loved him dearly. His funeral was amazing. He was an electrician but he also was a volunteer fireman and coach at Central. The fire dept. led the funeral procession to the gravesite and the entire Central football team and all the coaches lined both sides of the road for the procession to pass through. I know he would have been so proud of his final ride!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe day!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

Ripley, MS

Jeri, so sorry about your cousin, sounds like a life well lived from the honors given him on his last ride.
I know some of you are friends with Becky that created Trust In The Lord on FB. In case you didn't see it on FB, her brother Rob passed yesterday from cancer, please whisper a prayer for her today as she starts the rest of her life without her baby brother.
I enjoyed the week end playing with Eli, he is growing so fast. He is still not talking, but he can very well let you know what he wants. I was trying to show Cayla how to operate my portable sewing machine and he let me help her for a few minutes, we were in the kitchen at the table, he played around in there for a while, but before long he grabbed my hand and took me to my chair, lol ! He was ready to sit with Granny and watch cartoons ! He also enjoys playing on my Ipad on his apps. He has a coloring app that you draw with your finger. I got some real colors out and showed him how they work on paper. He tried it and then took his finger and tried to draw on the paper with his finger, like the app, LOl !!
Happy September to everyone, I am surely hoping that winter forecast was wrong Charlotte, but I guess it is time to start raking up pine needles and mulching up leaves. I still haven't made it to Lowes for the mulch on sale, maybe tomorrow.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Goodness Jeri that's terrible about the yellow jackets!! I don't think I would be in a hurry to venture back there either!! Hope Orkin can get rid of them. When Jake was here we were having lunch at a restaurant and there was a wasp/yellow jacket or something in the window next to the booth we were in. I proceeded to kill it and Jake was about to freak out. After I got it killed it turned out that he and a friend had gone fishing one day and had accidentally set their equipment on a yellow jacket nest. The yellow jackets attacked both of them and stung them a bunch of times each.

Jeri is Jim working out of San Antonia now?

Sorry to hear about your cousin. That does sound like an amazing funeral!!

How is Mary?

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra we did a cross post. I know you enjoyed your time with Eli and Cayla. Maybe Eli will one day decide to talk. What were the results of all the testing they did on him.

No I'm not ready for winter either!!! Never am. I don't like winter. But I guess it's coming. I've been so disgusted with the mulberry weed in my front flower bed I just haven't taken care of it like I should have. I need to work on getting rid of it and putting some mulch and preen down. Hopefully I'll get it done this fall! If not there is always spring! I've just been so busy with my furniture painting and other stuff I just don't seem to find the time. I just finished a piece last night that is so cute! It's a hutch with open shelves at the top and beadboard backing. The doors on the bottom are bead board also. I painted the inside of the upper shelves a seafoam sort of color and did a lot of distressing on it and replaced the hardware with some square frosty looking knobs and it looks so cute and fresh looking. I also just finished an old 30's dresser that turned out really well. You would be amazed if you saw the before and after pictures! The top had split and one side of the top had popped up about half an inch. I glued and put some nails in it to get it back down and then used car bondo to fill in the crack and smooth it out.

Ripley, MS

You are amazing all the things you do with the antiques ! Show us some pictures of it !

The only other test Eli has is the one in Nashville, and it has not been scheduled yet. It is a full day of testing. He is diagnosed as "at risk" for autism right now. He did say Eli while he was here and this is the first time he has said his name. His hearing is perfect and he had a checkup with the ENT at Memphis a couple of weeks ago and no wax build up ! Cayla has been using the swimmer drops and that seems to have solved that problem. He has 2 therapist working with him. One is a development therapist and the other a speech therapist. They both come on Thursday, one at 10:30 and the next at 11:30. Two weeks ago he said a lot or words for the speech therapist, then last week he was too "busy" to say anything. He has days when you could not get his attention at all, he is too "busy"

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Yes Sandra, Billy would have been beaming from the turn out. It doesn't hurt to come from a family as large as ours use to be. Actually, now in numbers it's probably larger but it's newer generations that we don't really know that well now. The preacher announced during his funeral, that they had counted just my grandmother's side of the family and it totaled 250.

It's good to know that Eli can say words and when he is ready he will just start carrying on whole conversations. He is marching to his own tune at his own time.

It's not exactly San Antonio that Jim is working. It's kinda all over west Texas, most of them I have never heard of… Harwood, Kenedy, Westhoff, Nordheim to name a few. Believe it or not, they are running out of sand in the areas so they are having it transported by train and then the drivers go pick it up from the train depots to the different oil wells. Jim has become an expert in the different size sands.

Mary's Ca-125 test was 400 so something is going on. Mary is convinced the cancer is back. I know she hasn't felt right for a while but I'm waiting until they do the PET scan and then the biopsy. She see's Dr. Fort Thur. and I'm going with her.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I bet Jeri is right. If he can say words, he's just waiting until he's ready to use them!

Jeri good to know they are still pumping that oil in Texas. I'm glad you're going to the doctor with Mary so you can be a second set of ears. I hope that her cancer isn't back!

I've thoroughly enjoyed today! I guess it shows my age but I love holidays because everything is closed and I can just have fun at home without worrying that I need to be someplace! I put on my work clothes this morning and have puttered all day. I've gotten two pieces of furniture painted. Got my molds ready for my next batches of soap. Painted the hardware for a dresser I painted today. I sometimes put replacement hardware on a piece but only if there is just no way what is on it will work. So to refresh the hardware on the dresser I painted it a medium shade of gray and then washed it with a silver glace. It gives it a totally different look.
I've never put any make up on or combed my hair so I'm getting ready to run to McDonalds and pick Richard up a hamburger and shake and me a salad. I don't like McDonalds but they have started making a Southwest grilled chicken salad that I really like. That's a good thing because McDonalds is so convenient to my house. A 5 minute trip there!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I called Orkins but of course they were closed today so I'm calling 1st thing in the morning. I braved the yellow jacket and went to the pond but I sat on Mary's side and she discovered where they are coming from so at lease we can point to them for the bug man. They were here Friday after I got stung by one and he said what he had sprayed would take care of them but obviously not.

Charlotte, I can't believe that the bigger pieces didn't sell right off b/c they turned out so nice. You
certainly got a lot accomplished today. LOL!!! I like just the plain cheeseburger from McDonalds and love their fries. We have one in our Walmart so Ashley and I will kill 2 birds at 1 time. I love their pancakes for breakfast.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Hello All.....

Jeri, so sorry to hear about your cousin! I am sure he was beaming about that final sendoff! I am also sure he was a great guy for people to turn out like that ! I hope Mary is wrong! Hopefully ya'll will get some definitive answers on Thursday! Seems like forever she has been waiting.....

Marilyn, I hope you and Al have a safe and fun trip! We will be looking forward to the pictures!

Charlotte, I had that type of day myself.... just stayed in work clothes. i did have to venture to work to do lab, but I didn't see anyone! :) and then we had to make a run to Holly because we have some foundation problems at my parent's old house. Kyle went under there and looked for us because we couldn't see well enough to figure out what we were dealing with........ it is going to be a major job and I am going to have to think on it to figure out how on earth we are going to handle it. :(

Elaine, sounds like ya'll had a good weekend at the lake! Sounds fun and relaxing!

I have to tell ya'll about my accident I had last thursday..... I was supposed to have a meeting at work that morning and then I had an appt with a gastroenterologist in LR that afternoon for a consult to prepare for a colonoscopy. Anyway, I got up and ate breakfast and was headed out of my dining room into the hall to go take a shower when Ace (my Rottie) ran behind me down the hall. Of course, he has done that a million times, but somehow he caught me right behind my knees and knocked my feet completely out from under me and to make matters much worse, I caught the back of my head on the end of my dining table as I fell. I thought at first I might have killed myself - but I decided quickly that I was in WAYYYY too much pain to be dead. :( After a few minutes of crying I managed to get up and stumble to the guest bath to see if my eyes were dilated and if I had given myself a concussion. When I got there my face was covered with blood and so were my hands. I realized I had grabbed my head because of the pain and then wiped tears away so my head had to be bleeding. I stumbled back to the phone and called Leigh who thankfully had only been gone about 5 - 8 minutes. (IF he was still driving to NLR he would have been in Sheridan or further North by then!) He came back to the house and just thought my scalp was ooozing from the abrasion. So, I got a shower as he stayed nearby. After I got out, he thought my head had a gash about an inch long- but he thought it had quit bleeding. At 7:30, I sent him on to work and I had already notified my boss that I was going to be late. I went to work and was trying to get a bunch of paperwork done because I knew I wouldn't have time after the meeting. Got that done and then headed to lab - and a coworker let me know I had blood on my neck. I knew if I had blood there that there had to be a lot inbetween because the gash in on the crown of my head. I went to the restroom and my hair was full of blood and the wound was bleeding a lot. Almost everyone at work looked it over and concurred I needed stitches or staples....... so back to the ER I went for the second time in two weeks! :( I got there about 9:15 and after they put the staples in and he realized the gash was over 2" long, he decided to put me in a hard collar and do a CT on my neck and skull. They did the CT really fast and then just left me sitting there for over an hour..... I finally went out at 11 and told them I was going to have to leave because I had an appt in LR. They made some calls and got my results and finally let me go about 11:15. Then I had to stop by the house and change clothes and try my best to get the blood out of my hair to be presentable in LR. They said I couldn't wash it for 24 hrs....... so I did the best i could. I had a major headache all day - but I figure I got off pretty lucky considering what could have happened. I have a ton of staples in my hair and I am already looking forward to having them out! Hopefully I can get in to the clinic to get them removed on Wednesday! I hope that September brings less visits to the ER for sure!!

I can't believe it is September already....... this year is just flying by!!

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Here is the last piece I just finished. I was pleased with the way it turned out. These were just brass handles that I painted. Gave them a whole new look. I have door several pieces in my old side and this will go in one of the old spaces. I gave several others finished but they are in two pieces and I want put them together unti I take them I the mall. Pardon the mess!!!

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna we did a cross post! My goodness what a day you had! Glad you were not seriously hurt!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna I know you all like to do things yourself but sometimes it's not always possible. My dad had foundation problems with his house. The house was not that old (only about 15 years) but the ground it was on was that gumbo stuff that settled and changed. Several other houses right around him had the same problem. His was on a slab. We got a guy in Hampton to fix it. It was very expensive but when he finished the house was right back where it should be. I was amazed! He pumped cement under the slab and somehow lifted the slab up. My friend in Arkadelphia had to have some foundation work done on her big old house that was built in the mid 1800's. I believe he was also the one that did the work for her - not positive. The guy in Hampton has a company that just does foundation work.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Genna, so glad you're ok!! What a scary fall when you've hit your head and are by yourself! I don't know if y'all remember but 4-5 years ago I was by myself and our dog did something similar only I was outside, it was freezing cold, and I ended up horizontal when he ran into me when I called him. Partly my fault for not getting out of the way at the gate, but I went down hard. Turned out I had a cracked rip and a slightly separated shoulder. But I thought I had hurt my hip it hurt so bad I could barely get into the house. Earl was out of town so I called my DD and my neighbor and went to the hospital in an ambulance! We never know when these things will happen, but from then on, I carry my cell phone with me when I was outside alone.

Jeri, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. When you grow up with someone, it makes it doubly hard to lose those family members. That's great how the fire dept gave him such a great turn-out. He would have been proud! And I hate you got stung, and hope you get rid of those yellowjackets! Yes, our teams didn't exactly shine on their opening day games, but at least we came out winners! Yes, we lost some stars but have some good returning players and some new ones to build on too, plus a new offensive coach that may be a little controversial (Kiffin), but they are our teams and I'm still rooting for them no matter what!

Sandra, I hope they can work with Eli. Good to know he's really not verbally challenged. I hope they will get a good diagnosis for him. His not talking reminded me of that old joke about the little boy that never said anything until one day he up and said 'These mashed potatoes taste terrible'. They asked him why he never said anything before. He said 'Up to now everything has been ok'. Well, of course, it's not a joke, but he seems so smart and such a good boy we don't want to think about him having any problems.

Charlotte, glad you had a nice quiet weekend. I know what you mean about that mulberry weed. I think I have pulled every stinking piece of it, and the next thing I find one that's already 6-8" tall somewhere. I even found some down at the lake this weekend in one small bed at the back and I've never seen it there before.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine I don't remember your fall but I know that was scary!! I'm like you I try to keep my cell phone in my pocket all the time. A freak accident can happen any time. That's why they call them freak accidents. When I had my store I had one of those! I was there by myself and it was right before closing. I walked back to the office to get a file folder and was looking at it on the way back to the front and forgot I had sat a new floor cleaning machine on the floor and stripped over it (was not looking where I was walking) and fell head first into a table leaf leaned against the wall. It cut a big gash in my forehead. I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom next to where I had fallen and called Richard. I had to have 7 or 8 stitches and still have a big scar there.

It feels nice outside today. Don't know if it's going to last all day or not but I don't think it's supposed to get over 90.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Well, I didn't have my cell phone - because I still had my gown on, but I don't have cell service in my house so it really wouldn't have helped except with wi fi I can text anyone who has an iphone. After I realized I wasn't dead, I wondered what I was going to do if I coudn't stand up. The phone was probably 20' away..... but thankfully I was able to stand up and walk. My ribs, rear, and neck were all extremely sore from the fall. I even had some ligaments or tendons or something in the backs of my legs that were sore I guess from my attempting to stand up in mid air - which didn't work well at all. I had a cup of coffee in my hand that I was trying to keep from dropping as well. I didn't drop the cup until I was almost to the floor, but I was covered in coffee. Just not a good day.....but so very thankful that it was not worse because I think that is as close as i want to come! Elaine I remember your dog knocking you down and you hurting your shoulder! I have very tall porches and my other dog knocked me down the steps one day..... thankfully I was at the steps and not just on the edge of the porch! I always try to be really cautious that they don't trip me on the porch, or steps so I was at least thankful that if he had to knock me down it was inside. If I had been about a foot or so further, I would have probably only fell hard into the side wall of the hallway..... but that's not the way it worked. The staples are itching like crazy and I am ready for them to be gone!!!

Charlotte, send that nice weather down this way. The air is so thick here you can almost cut it...........been that way since very early this morning and it started to rain a short time ago. Maybe after the rain, it will be better and not worse! Love that dresser ! And I love what you did to the pulls..... may need to get you to elaborate on that technique. I actually like the way those look.

Sandra, hopefully Eli is just taking his time. Maybe he doesn't "have " to talk because everyone does everything for him. We spent two summers in Colorado while Leigh worked on his masters back when he was teaching. The first summer we were there, Kyle was 18 mos and Jess was 6 mos. On the way there, Leigh was talking about how few words Kyle could say and that he was worried something was wrong with him. Alex had been using multiple sentences by 18 months and Kyle was only saying a few words. I had already asked the Dr and he told me Kyle was just doing things at his pace...... and the next summer when we went to Colorado, I don't think Kyle stopped talking from the time we left Arkansas until we got back 3 months later!! About half way to Colorado I asked Leigh if he still thought Kyle had a speech problem! ^_^ He said NO! LOL...... So, maybe Eli is just busy learning and isn't worried about talking at the moment. Hope he gets good test results at his next appt!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Ripley, MS

I am at the hospital with Pat, she called me at 2am and said she had called 911 she thought she was having a heart attack. The bloodwork and EKG look good so far--but her heart looked enlarged on the chest x-ray. We are not at the hospital where her heart doc is so, I am thinking we will move on there, they want her to stay here 12 hours and do 3 sets of blood work and 3 ekg's the next one is scheduled for 3 pm. In other words, she is not appearing to be in immediate danger but something is going on that shouldn't be.

Eli does let you know when he wants things, and he says Mama, gaggy, (Daddy ). Ranny, Ranny, ( Granny ) and Pappaw---Cayla said he told her "I'm a boy" when she was asking for kisses while they were swimming, or she said it sounded like it. But when you ask him to say something you just as well be talking to the brick wall, he doesn't perform on demand. Some weeks he will work with the therapist and some weeks he ignores her too. I told Jerry the other day he would probably be like Faith, she hasn't stopped talking since she started, some days my ears feel like they were bleeding when she was little--LOL

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Genna there are all kind of tricks you can do with furniture hardware. I had a very inexpensive tv stand that I decide to give a new life. (It's something I'm selling not for my house). I painted it black and decided to update the hardware. If you are doing something for personal use you don't mind spending money for new hardware but when you're doing it for resale every dollar counts. If I replace all hardware I can end up going in the hole on a piece. I bought two knobs at Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price. They were 3.99 each so I paid 3.99 for the 2 of them. It had the standard looking brass pull and backplate on it. All brass hardware (or at least the ones in recent years) have a plastic coating on them to keep them from tarnishing. I boiled the backplates in hot water until the plastic had loosened enough to scrub it off with a scrubby. They make an antiquing solution (I've had mine for over 20 years). I just put my backplates in a plastic container and poured enough solution over them to cover (you can use the solution over again) and let it sit until they got as dark as I wanted them. Just a minute or so. Now they blend with my new knob which has dark brass on it. I sometimes paint metal hardware and then use a sponge sanding pad to take a lot of the paint off. The pictures came out in reverse order. First is the final product, 2nd in the solution and 3 before any solution.
I would have just left the back plate off but I realized there was a small hole in each door that had to do with the back plate. That's why I had to figure out how to make them blend in.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra we did a cross post! Hope everything goes ok with Pat!! Let us know what is going on. Glad she call 911!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Aww Genna that is indeed scary!!! I'm so glad that you didn't kill yourself!!! I'm afraid that would have been the end of my day right then & there. I remember your fall too Elaine. I was afraid you had tore your rotatory cup. When Lucky was a puppy she did the same thing to me but I fell down on both knees and couldn't walk for a week.

Thanks Yall for your condolences for my cousin. Today was his birthday and he would have been 60.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Cross posted with you Sandra. I hope they are able to figure out what is going on with Pat.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

My goodness, Jeri's cousin, Sandra's sister, Pat, and you, Genna! Prayers, all around!

thanks for the good wishes for our trip. We leave in the morning. I am beyond excited! I will check in as I am able and post photos here, too. I'm not saying anything on FB due to privacy concerns.

You ladies have a good week and I will catch up with you later! By the way, we have had almost two inches of rain since Saturday morning! Doing the happy dance here!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Sandra, so glad to hear that Pat is having problems. I hope they let you move on to her heart dr. as soon as possible!! When my sister had her last stint she went to our local hospital because she just didn't feel right and had a pain in her shoulder that was like she had several years ago when she had her first stint. At out local hospital they thought she was fine, and nothing showed up on the EKG because she was't having an actually heart attack..... She called me from the hospital and I told her that IF she felt the same way before she better get to LR! So she requested that they transfer her to the heart hospital - they moved her in an ambulance a few hours later. At the heart hospital, they did an angiogram the next day and put in another stint while they were in there. I just think Pat probably has a better idea that something is going wrong than the Dr does in some cases...........please keep us posted.

So glad to hear you got some rain Marilyn..... I know that will make you feel better as you head off on your trip! Ya'll have a great trip!!

that is neat Charlotte...... looks really good!

Jeri, did they come take care of the yellow jackets? Yellow jacket stings hurt so much! And they are very aggressive!! When we were clearing the land where we ended up building, we had a guy do a bunch of dozer work, but we ended up having to burn a bunch of piles and then had lots of misc wood to clean up. We had worked for a couple of months burning brush, when I started a new fire one weekend and woke up a yellow jacket nest that had built in the soft ash of the pile........ they stung me several times and made me very sick. Not sure if I was that allergic to their stings, or if it was because it was really hot and I was really hot and sweaty when they stung me. My Mom always said me being so hot already might have made my reaction to the sting more extreme. I hope your stings are feeling better! I know they can hurt for days - and I sure hope they got rid of the nest!

We got a little rain today -but it didn't last long. They are calling for it to be really hot the next few days.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Sandra how is Pat doing this morning? Did Yall move to the other hospital?

Steve came out yesterday from Orkin and spent about 2 hrs. back there treating one nest. He has to come back later this week b/c there were actually 2 nest. 1 in the ground just behind my bench I sit on at the pond they treated. The other one is in the pampas grass on the back walkway to Mary's.

Just as soon as the Orkin man finished with the yellow jackets we got a downpour that lasted until I went to bed at 10:30PM. I know my grass is growing as we speak. LOL!!!

Tricia posted yesterday on FB that she is having a rough time with the loss of her son Caleb. Please remember her in your prayers!! I know as a lot of you do that our prayers are gonna be what help her get through this!!!

I pray that everyone have a blessed day!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I saw Trish's post and responded to it. She is really having a hard time which I can certainly understand. I am praying for her. I'm also praying for you and Terrye. How is Terrye doing? How are you doing??

We got a pretty nice rain yesterday also. The high is supposed to be 93 today and 95 Thursday and Friday and then it's going to drop to 85 for a high on Sat and Sun and most of the next week. We have some more rain in the forecast. I'm just letting the mulberry weed grow! Before it turns cold I'll get rid of it all and put mulch and preen down. I've really neglected my front bed this year. I'm probably going to have to make some changes in it eventually. I Have a willow oak that has really taken off and it's going to create more shade. I planted it after another oak tree had to be taken down but it was just a small tree for a long time but now it's growing like crazy!

Ripley, MS

We are at the Tupelo ER waiting to see if the cardiac doc wants her admitted. Like Genna said, thinks look good on tests, but they did when she had her last stent also and she had 95% blockage then

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra let us know what the doctor says. I agree we can't always just rely on what the tests say we know how our body doesn't feel right and we need to listen to our body.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Best of luck with the doctors, Sandra. Hope Pat is doing ok and that she gets some answers. 95% blockage with a stent doesn't sound right and it obviously doesn't feel right to Pat.

Marilyn, Bon Voyage, to you and Al! Have fun!

No rain here yet. We're a day or two behind everyone as usual. We had the weekend rain but nothing since. And of course it's supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday....just in time to mess up the weekend plans for anything outside.

Jeri, glad the Orkin guy found the nests and hope that's the end of your yellowjacket problem. Thanks for the update on Trish. I had not seen anything but I'm behind on anything on FB lately. So much junk to sort through to the good stuff.

Genna, hope you're better. I know those staples must be annoying.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Elaine I agree with you and all the junk on FB!! Seems all I see is junk. I'm just interested in actual posts from friends and I can 't seem to find that for all the other stuff.

Ripley, MS

We have now been placed in the cardiac observation unit and they will evaluate if she needs a cath here.

Elaine, I was referring to the last time she had a stent put in, she passes all the tests on paper, but had a 95% blockage when they did the cath. That has been about 2 years ago.
She has had 2 bypass surgeries, and has 2 stents, now she is in pain again so we will see what they decide.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Charlotte, I've had to 'block' certain people just so I can wade through what I want to see quickly. It helps. Hate to do it, but there are a couple of people I friended in the past who do nothing but 'share' every little thing and every video they run across and nothing personal about themselves. I don't have time for all that silly stuff. Once in a blue moon do they post anything worthwhile, but I'd hear that news through someone else anyway. Sorry for the rant, but really, people should use social media more wisely.

Thanks for the clarification, Sandra.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well Elaine I'm kind of on the same rant!! Where do all these videos come from? I don't like to play them unless it is something a friend has sent that has to do with their family, etc. I think that is were a lot of viruses come from. I have a touch screen lap top and when I'm scrolling through the mess of stuff I have them just start playing sometimes. I'm like you I thought it was a social media and not for everything in the world else.

Got my furniture moved to the mall this afternoon and now have room to start working on the next batch of stuff. It's mainly big pieces. I had to get the small stuff out of the way so I had room to work. Know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Well I guess I'm the guilty one on FB!!! I thought it was my FB page and if I liked something and didn't have time to go thru it, or something that I wanted to share with a particular person I save it and then I can locate it. I never have time to scroll back thru a 1000 post to re-locate something and can never remember who posted it to look it up that way. I've usually looked at most of the videos that I post so at least they are virus free. Sorry!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

No Jeri your not the guilty one!! These videos I'm talking about are really strange ones. There are some that I see that I enjoy. Maybe I need to start deleting the ones I'm talking about. I've done that before with some things. It seems to help. I think some of it just shows up. There are occasionally some things that have been shared that I'm interested in and what I've learned to do is to just share to my page but limit who can see it to just myself. One of my friends will share posts I make about my family, etc. I think she probably just doesn't know how to use FB because I can't imagine all her friends being interested in what I've posted about my grandchildren, etc.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Oh good!!! I didn't mean to offend anyone!!!

Ripley, MS

Jeri, I think you are the guilty one, maybe not on FB but somewhere I am sure--LOL--LOL!!!!!!!

Heart cath in the morning, Iam home Tommy came in from Mobile around 4 this afternoon, I am going back early in the morning.

By the way Jeri, sentence suspended for now -- LOL. !!!!!!!!!!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Glad they kept Pat and that Tommy came in. I know you are tired!

Yes Sandra, Jeri is guilty and probably all of us !! LOL

My friend that keeps sharing my posts about my grandkids is an old friend that goes all the way back to high school and now lives in Oregon. I can just imagine what her friends think when they see her sharing stuff about my grandkids! They are probably trying to figure out who in the devil these people are?LOL

I am so aggravated!!! I keep getting uverse bills with all these charges on it for movies that Richard rented that he didn't know he rented and didn't even watch. The first time it happened they took off the charges. I thought I had the parental control lock on. But when I checked it was off so I thought he had somehow gotten it unlocked by accident. He even changed the plan I had to a more expensive plan. Of course he didn't have any idea he did that as he was just pushing buttons on the remote trying to get to a channel he wanted to watch! So I got another bill today with more rented movies. I called att and held forever to get a person and then finally got someone. Come to find out I have to set the parental control on every tv we have. The technician that set up our uverse service set the parental locks on the tv in the den and said it was all set. He didn't say anything about having to set them on every tv and didn't set but the one. Of course the one he set is the tv that Richard seldom watches! Anyway I couldn't get it to set on any of the tv and the lady I was talking to said they had to reset it on their end. She still couldn't get it to work. Then she had me unplug all the uverse boxes to reboot them. When I did that it messed up the tv in the den and I can't get in to work right! It's an old tv and somehow when I rebooted to box attached to it it took the tv off the source. I know how to get it back on the source but for some reason it's not working tonight. Since she couldn't get the parental lock to work on her end she is sending a technician out tomorrow afternoon! I hate dealing with things like that!!! I have a full day scheduled tomorrow so I told her to schedule it for from 4 to 8. I was on the phone with the lady for an hour and half!!! Steam is still rising from me!!!!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks Yall for suspending my sentence!!! LOL!!!

I hope things go well with Pat's test tomorrow.

I'm going with Mary for her appt. and it is at 8:30 AM. So I'm heading to bed now so I can get up.

Charlotte I hate you are having to deal with AT&T. They should still adjust you account. It's the negligence of their technician not programing all the remotes. I'm having to take in my modem to Cox tomorrow for my internet. I can't wait to see how long that takes.

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