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I hear what you are saying. I guess that could fall into 2 categories....

1) the book was strange and different, set on another world, so a sense of "mysticism" played into it; where in reality, now we see them beheading REAL people - not in a book &

2) there is "poetic license" in writing to tell only part of the truth or none at all because it is a "story" and so there is the possibility to having much truth that is shaded by the rest of the story that you don't see the pure evil.

Of course, I guess you could go on out the "conspiracy theory" limb for 3) and say it was written with the intent for people to identify & side with those 'protagonists' - even making a movie so that we would identify/sympathize with that culture. LOL

Oh and the other Ice People book I found when looking is here -


They both sound good. I have a couple more boxes of books I am finished with and hope to get over to the 2nd hand shop to sell/trade them in. I have both Ice People books on my list to look for while I am there. Ya never know..... 😊

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I loved Dune, not as crazy about the movie they made from it. it was ok if you read the books but someone that had not read the books would not have understood the movie.

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You are right Holly that movie was awful. It had nothing redeeming about it.

Love, F.Herbert wrote the book years ago...it was just a tale thpat spoke to environmental issues, preserving a culture, and a tribal system. I think he likely traveled to parts of the world where his observations lent to his character development. How could the tragedy of future events been on his mind? but it does give insight int the intensity and ferocity of a people with a strong religion- based culture.

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Oh I agree - the movie was just "okay" compared to the book, then again, I find that true of most books vs. movies. I always want to read the books before I see the movies. Once in a while a movie actually follows the book albeit abbreviated, but often they go off in another direction too. Weird.

Did y'all read the entire Dune series? Did you read the Dune ones written by his son Brian after Frank's death?

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Yes. I read all (several times because I kept finding more 'to' it. Yes, read the son's supposed book based on manuscript found in a safe. What an embarrassment.

Twilight ( movie ) did OK
There were a few ( very few ) but I forget which....

Harry Potter??

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Loved Harry Potter, Books and Movies

Newark, DE

I agree. Twilight and Harry Potter movies did follow the books and so did the Hunger Games series. (I've only seen the first 2) but as usual they leave so much out. I suppose it is the 2 hour +/- confines they must work within though. On the other hand, the Twilight series book were a bit rambling and wordy, where the Harry Potter books were rich in detail that painted the scene well. They could easily have made 2 movies each for the last 3 books in the series, not just #7, for sure.

If you read the Twilight series, did you read the one Stephenie Meyer wrote called; "The Host"? It was completely different and good too. It took her 50-60 pages to get the basis down and it jumped around a bit at the start, but after that - it took off. They did make a movie and the trailer looked good but I never caught it to compare. The idea was an original one - at least in how it was portrayed to happen. I was surprised at how much more involved it was compared to her Twilight books.

Years ago I had read Michael Crichton's book "Rising Sun". (I have enjoyed all his books). Anyway, it was good and then they made the movie with Sean Connery (need I say more?) So I watched it. It actually followed the book to the letter......until the very end.... and it was a completely different ending! I was shocked. They really messed up his book "Sphere" when they did the movie too. No one "got it" in the movie. Really strange how sometimes it seems like the movie IS the book and other times it's like "where did you get THAT story?"

Newark, DE

Rosie - thought I would let you know I found an affordable copy of "The Ice People" by Rene Barjavel and bought it! I checked the library and also online sources too, to no avail, not just for Kindle version but pdf as well.... and nothing. So I just bought it. I will read it soon but have just started reading the Divergent series, so will finish them first. The synopsis and your mentioning how much you enjoyed it were enough to entice me. In searching for it, I found the other "The Ice People" by Maggie Gee that also sounds interesting. It is more common and easily found so that may be at the library if I look, or can find it later. I don't want to get more books as I have so many here already.

A few weeks ago I took 3 boxes of books to the place where they buy used books. They only bought some of them. It seems they are now converting to fairly new (in copyright date) books and so that is also only what they buy and then only in VVG - New condition. Obviously that is also why I could not find any of the books on my list to look for to buy either. Many of the books they had were brand new and priced about 30% off retail. I think they bought them from the publishing companies to sell and undercut Barnes & Noble. Don't know.... but it WAS a good thing before, now....not so much. I doubt I will be back there much because I can find them online cheaper even including shipping. I do have some store credit I can use up but that might just be for CD's instead.

Anyway, a girlfriend is interested in them. She may read some and then said she will take them to the nursing home. So it's all good for me - they are gone. Many are popular authors and don't sell for much but some I have sold on eBay once I finished with them, too. So they fall into my "money in...crap out.." mantra. I am still doing that like I started last year. Finally getting time to clear out stuff - some to sell, some to donate.... but it all is leaving. Yay!!

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Glad you found it and I still find it hard to believe not in electronic format yet. It was very popular and on occasion I read about movie rights but so far nothing. ( not that movies do the job.. )

Iboughtand read In the Fog... Based on reviews. 20 Plus reviews. Majority 4+ stars.
I don't read few 1-2 stars because I am crazy enough to read ONE BAD THING and let it turn me off...

One review was so well written...hit on all the points I look for... The review flowed....punctuated well...it was great and seemed to be written by someone with high criteria ....I trusted it..said the book was "brilliant"

Other reviews complementary.

What a piece of junk.
Punctuation 😣
No character development
Parts didn't make sense

Had to slog thru it...sooooooo wordy ......

These Amazon reviews get PAID ?? Don't they have to disclose??

Newark, DE

Oh my.... I hear you and sorry it wasn't good. I have found that is sometimes the way it is. I never trust the reviews when they are few and new. Why? Friends, family, others who use the same publisher and Facebook friends who are asked to write a review to help sales. So they are not "paid" per se, but they certainly are biased. If after some time, it still gets high stars I might consider it.

I found the wordy thing a pain with the "Twilight" series. It was like reading a teens diary. LOL The story could have been told in much less than 4 books, IMO. Juvenile - yes but they were marketed to the teenage/young adult. Interestingly, Stephanie Meyer is capable of writing a better story as she did with "The Host". I know "The Hunger Games" were, and this "Divergent" is another teenage/young adult series, but I wanted to read them for 2 reasons. First, I am curious what TPTB are trying to incorporate into kids heads, which seems to be "submission is to be expected", by someone, something, or some group. But also, I taped the movie Divergent and before long the second one, Insurgent, which is in theaters now, will be on TV too. I saw the preview of them and they looked cinematic. We shall see....

On another side those "50 Shades" books were a joke. Yeah okay a few sexy scenes in there but dang you have to read through sooooo much crap, including the sex, to find a story, it's pathetic. I do not believe the author heard of, much less used, a thesaurus. How many times can you describe something the SAME way? The girl is an idiot, the guy is mental on many levels and the books were poorly written. Geez! Sex is the only reason it was a big seller and it was made into a movie. I had to laugh when people said the movie was bad.....what did they expect? Hard core porn? LOL

Have you tried Book Bub? If not go here -


Put in your email address and check the types of books you like to read. Everyday they will send you an email of those type books that are on sale and many are free for that day only. They comb several sites and not just Amazon. The places where the deals are, are listed below each book's synopsis, you choose where you want to download it from and it links you to that book on that site. Works well!

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Yes, I have Book Bub and .goodreads..
I think you are right - wait until there is more than 20 reviews....but if those first biased 20... Creates a bunch of disappointed readers feeling duped.......in the long run...they lose!

So is Divergent worth reading?

I tried 50 shades to keep up with my 20 something nieces.....
Nah,,,,,how many times can a girl nervously lick her lips....

Newark, DE

Agreed, but as has been proven, very few people have the courage (or will) to go against the grain, instead they play sheep and follow the crowd. So, if they don't like the book, they MIGHT post a negative review but I bet most will just go "oh well, must be me" or similar and do nothing. The few who would post negative are overshadowed by the overly fluffy pieces, which still keeps the star rating higher....just IMO...

Exactly...the 50 Shades was comical....too wordy....repetitive (or should I say "redundantly repetitive"?) and boring.....

I must admit I am only a few chapters into the first book - Divergent, so I will have to give you a better update later. It is a fast read but I have had a lot going on with other responsibilities and haven't had as much time to read. I can say that it established the story line fairly quickly and is interesting so far. It does use a lot of today's society group's morals and mores and blends them into different factions in a future society. That doesn't give away the story any more than you'd get by reading the flap, I wouldn't do that. But so far it is developing characters well and yet leaving much to learn about each one as you go. Although it gives you enough background to know the situation society is in and form the storyline, there are questions as to why and how it got that way. I assume that too will be answered as you progress through the series. The author is young and this is her first novel. That said, I think she has done much better than others who have published far more, at least in what I have read so far. I'll update when I get a chance to read more..

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Ok. I will wait until you have more under your belt.

Oh I gave a proper review ...BUT first, I let the reviewer(s) have it!! THEN, I reviewed the book. 😊. it wasn't differing opinion...it was purposeful deception.

I am not sure I agree with the sheep analogy.. Reviews are voluntary and rather than go with the positive flow -- for a bad book -- I think those disappointed or even uncertain (or intimidated) about having an opinion in the minority are likely to do nothing --- not give a review they don't really 'feel'

just picked up a book about Virginia Wolfe's sister.
Finished The Girl on the Train
started Goldfinch
And finished A love Affair with Alcohol

Newark, DE

Deal.... Dad asked me to paint a 3-4' windmill thing that took some time with detail on the girl, bird etc., but I finished it yesterday. I will be leaving to go over there shortly and I am always there for hours. Tomorrow is doctor's appointments as well as other stuff - so I might not get a chance to get comfy and read until the weekend.

Because I am so often called to help Dad or my brother, it sometimes takes me longer to read a book. I used to read all the time but now I feel lucky to find an hour or two to do so. Oh well, I enjoy it when I do.

Good for you leaving a proper review. I do too.

Hmm...what have I read lately? Because they are so fast to read and with much going on here, I caught up on some of James Patterson's books. I read the next 3 (for me) in the Alex Cross series #17,#18, & #19 - Cross Fire, Kill Alex Cross, & Merry Christmas Alex Cross. I saw commercials for a new series coming to CBS later this month based on one of his books called "Zoo" so I dug that out and read it before the series starts. Funny - the coming series made the prices rise on eBay for that book so I sold it. I paid $1-$2 for it at Goodwill and sold it for $12 plus shipping. It was a 1st/1st and others were going a little higher so I priced it to sell and bam - one day on there and sold....... Ahhh..."money in...crap out..", plus I enjoyed the book. LOL It was a good story and can be a great TV series - we shall see.

Well gotta run....

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Loves, I want to read Zoo also I really enjoy James Patterson books and have read many of them. I will have to pay better attention to commercials, I have seen it advertised and thought it was a movie, how nice that it will be a summer series.
I started a yoga class this morning, I went to a Yoga Studio that does meditation and several different types of Yoga rather than a local gym. I liked the class and the instructor very much. She is very good working with beginners, we did a lot of different types of breathing, peaceful reflection and yoga poses. I have been drinking a lot of water, going to soak in an Epsom salt bath and she warned me I would be a bit sore. I must say that I feel completely relaxed since the class. I think this could be a good fit for me.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Holly that sounds great.
I was also looking at a yoga class and a qigong class ( beginners) so much medical science supporting - it is getting to be mainstream now ....anyway, conflict time wise with an interior design class am taking and so I will wait til next go around.

Debbie, I have never read a James Patterson book but I saw the attractions on TV for the series and so hI looked for the book and ( THIS is what I mean about the one and two star reviews discouraging me ) I read a bunch of reviews saying that it was an awful book. Some were fans of Paterson's earlier work and or all his books and the opinion was he had someone co- write it because he is so prolific he just spit the last books out instead of being the writer he could be....and so I skipped it. Maybe I should go back and find some good reviews? 😏

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Holly & Rosie - intertwining subjects so to you both...

James Patterson...I do enjoy all of his books, some more than others. I went back and read all of them from the beginning, up until the last 4-5 years of publishing. Since then, I have read some stand alone novels, but have skipped the these latter series (though I have many of them to read). I have not started on them so I can catch up on others I enjoy, like one of most favorite authors - Clive Cussler. JP's reviews are mixed. Yes, I would agree he has a few people that either writes with him or he has last say in their work, because so many come out there's no way he could be that prolific & write them all. But, they follow the "James Patterson" model of writing and so I find them interesting and a fun read. I also like them because the chapters are short and for me being care giver to many, it works with interruptions, trips to doctors, hospitals etc. If you sat down one day with nothing else to do you can read one of his books. I never get to do that but it makes it easy to complete one and move on in a couple days for my busy times. Many of his are in series and although you could read one on it's own it is nice to read in order for the backstory. Perhaps some people did not read them in order too - IDK. James Patterson is not James Michener but I enjoy them.

As for "Zoo" the story is different than his typical love story/murder mystery type books and probably why the reviews were so mixed fro his die hard fans. Apparently they never read his earlier book "Virgin" that was along the line of "The Exorcist (light)" or non-fiction well researched heart warming true story "Against Medical Advice". If they did I am sure it was given some low reviews too because they drifted from the "typical". I think Against Med....should be read by everyone. Sorry....I digress... Zoo is again different and quite believable especially if you are aware of some of the problems already happening. According to the CBS website the series premieres Tues. 6/30 at 9pm -


You have time to find and read it for sure and I saw some cheap ones pop on eBay too. If you check daily you might snag one. You may get it at the library but then again if many want to read it now - you may have to wait for it to be available. Had I known, I would have mailed it to one of you and you could have mailed I to the other....

Yoga & Qigong I have heard nothing but positive things and have considered it, just never signed up. It seems every time I plan on it - someone goes to the hospital or something and I never get there. I have been thinking about going to see a Reiki Healer - mostly because it is not a multi class I sign up for and then can't go to. I hear they too do well. Then again I am going to check out places for a pool and just do hydrotherapy on my own, when I want to go. Time will tell and right now there s much going on - even with money. Our lawyer is on it but suffice to say we have had no check since 2/20/15. We're okay but I am not going to sign up for anything absolutely not needed until we get some answers.

Anyway - do find "Zoo"!! I think you will like it. Hopefully the TV series will be good. At least it has the potential to be.

Newark, DE

Okay Rosie, I finished Divergent. So a review without giving too much story...

First off, I am not one to criticize grammar, punctuation and all that crap. Yes, if it is so repetitive without even using different synonyms like 50 Shade was, it gets on my nerves. Unlike some people on Amazon that seem to hate everything unless it equals all the English Literature from their college years, I can read "American" better than the "English" crap. LOL Maybe if I had spent 4 years and all that money on English Lit degree, I too could be more persnickety. Heck, I used to read all the time as a kid until school forced us to read all that stuff I hated. I rebelled for years and read nothing. It actually ruined my reading habit, which I realized in the end only hurt me, but it was due to the curriculum. It is also why I never read any more of that type stuff and don't intend to. Then again I never was one to conform to anything. I am sure my grammar isn't perfect and I couldn't care less about any dangling participle. Heck I don't even have one to dangle....Hahaha

Sorry....I digress... again.... back to the book...... It set up the storyline pretty quickly and took you into the future dystopian world. Why it is one, is not answered, but it is a series of books so I am assuming it will be addressed at some point. That doesn't matter really as the story revolves around a 16 year old girl coming of age and finding herself. It is understandable. As we all found in our own younger years, some of the restrictions we were born into were not for us...but what did we want? The book's society is divided into 5 factions. If you think about it, it probably already is, just not to the extreme that it is in the book. (and no, it has nothing to do with race) It could have been shortened with some of the things like the main character feeling she is not pretty, or too small, etc. Then again I overlook that because the series was written for teen - young adults. Self doubt and trying to figure out who you are and what clique you want to be in was part of growing up, until you realize that no clique is really YOU in total, and that you are part of them all. It hasn't said yet but IMO that is what I believe Divergent is - someone who doesn't conform so strictly to one faction but carries traits of several, if not all; aka - human.

I don't want to go into the story itself so I will stay away from most of that but things do progress pretty well, problems arise, answers are found and at the same time, more questions arise. The main character is learning, growing into finding her true self. The book ends making you look forward to #2 - "Insurgent", which being a series, is expected. I have that book too and will likely start it in a couple days. If you are interested I can give you a little review on that too when finished. Monday I am off to Dad's again and taking him to a doctor. Today I am headed outside as soon as I eat and have more coffee. Two weeks of rain with sunny days only when I was gone, and the yard looks like I might run into Tarzan out there. Gonna attack that, trim and everything else the outside needs. It's mostly sunny, about 80 is supposed to be the high but with a breeze, so not bad at all.

Hope that helps, if you want more detail let me know, but I don't want to be a spoiler to the entire story unless you want to know.

Look out grass.......I'm going in.......

If you don't hear from me for a few days see if you can find Jane or Cheetah........

So for me, I did enjoy the first book. I have read better and worse, but for someone's first novel and one targeted at young readers, I was glad I did and I will read the next.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks your review was perfect.
Sort of like Harry Potter-- a character that fits nowhere completely and everywhere in parts.

I am not ashamed to say I loved Harry Potter and Twilight - even tho the latter was not structured as well.

I can take some (a good deal ) of misplaced commas (I toss them around like confetti hoping some land properly myself)..., but In The Fog was BAD BAD DAD.... he hated his job at the potato chip factory. Doing the same thing everyday. I mean it was unchanging. Going in and doing everything the same. Day after day. It was like an assembly line. The chips were not eatable. I mean you couldn't eat them they were do bad, and he did it ever single day. He produced something that was bad. It was a drudge, but it paid the bills. His wife understood. She was a beauty in her day. She turned men's head and .now at 67 she did not ( time had taken its toll).The passing of years showed on her face. Yes, she had been a beauty, but now age had caught up.

"You want to eat now?" "Sure, he said " "what you bring?" "Ham sandwiches." "You didn't get them at Subway ( he hated Subway lately..it just wasn't good ..) (it used to be good. ) " you make them yourself?" " yes" " oh good because I like yours better". "Thanks" She knew he would say that. She packed a good lunch. He needed nourishment. He drank too much and so he needed good food. She was a good cook too. And, she didn't! mind cooking for him. "And, I packed fresh fruit.' "oh good, what kind? " "Grapes' Grapes were good,mbut he liked apples too. "I am glad you didn't get Subway, I don't like it". " I know" " I used to like it, but it isn't good anymore." " Well, we got homemade...( she knew what he liked ..) Urrrrrrrrrrragh.....

in one part of the book , the wife of the murdered gut is having lunch with her friend...upset because she had to tell her three young children their father was dead. Dptgis had taken place an hour before. She hoped the teen babysitter could handle ...?????!!! Wife had one other paragraph and that particular page was devoted to irdering the two lunches...creamed soup...a burger...crackers ( extra with the soup ) MAYBE HE SHOULDA WROTE A COOK BOOK!

Newark, DE

Well, I did it and returned from the jungle. LOL It was just in time too, because that night it poured rain....I mean POURED!

Dad's eye problem turned out to be wet macular degeneration but they do have some treatments these days. They injected a drug directly into his eye (the white part) I assume it goes down to the bleeding at the retina. It is something he will have to have one once a month for a few months and hope it stops the bleeder and hopefully returns some of the vision loss.

Thanks Rosie. Yes I read all the Harry Potter books, Twilight and The Hunger Games as well, and enjoyed them all. Any of them sure beat the 50 shades books not just in story but writing ability. Divergent was not as rich and detailed as HP and I would put it on par with Twilight. (at least so far)

You get the occasional rambling of a young girl in self doubt and then self discovery but there is a story there too. So yeah, if you enjoyed those, I think you will enjoy Divergent. I have errands to run today and going to get my hair cut, but hope to start Insurgent this week.

As for In The fog...Holy Crap! Apparently, it is a good name for it because trying to read THAT would leave you "in the fog"! It certainly appears he is beyond 50 shades repetitiveness and obsessed with one thing; food. Perhaps he did food reviews for a local paper and thought he could write? I hope you didn't pay a lot for it! You should be commended on slogging through it. I doubt I would have. I generally try to finish anything I start, but there are some limits to self induced torture.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Yes but I am catholic.... 😝
You know the guilt about not finishing something I started would cause me to wander In The Fog of sin.

that entire book was H O R R I B L E ...a character would show up for a 'scene'and then disappear. Even the good cop / bad cop in this MURDER mystery were cliche and stilted and had a couple of paragraphs.

A "poster child" for a how not to write a book.

Yes I read that there are great new treatments for wet m. degeneration. Seniors have enough to deal with ...loss of sight can be devasting to anyone of course but especially when losses are mounting daily --- just from aging. It is a saying goodbye to so many abilities and strengths.

Newark, DE

My condolences....LOL Well I am not Catholic for many reasons, so I didn't know about it being a "sin" to not finish something. Sorry - that's just funny.

I know...Dad is 86 and has a lot of problems, so blindness too, would be terrible. Especially so for him, but also for me, as I am the one who does most things for him. Most would then be all, and I honestly don't know how I could deal with more, when I have my quadriplegic brother who often needs me, Dave is now disabled and I have a lot of problems myself. Sigh....They said they actually have 3 medications. If the first doesn't work they can move to #2 and there is a #3. But!..... only after a couple days and Dad thinks he has a little improvement, so I am hopeful and still praying it continues to help him. He goes back in a couple weeks for another shot.

Oh I started "Insurgent" last night. The first 50+/- pages got a little too much (IMO) of her lamenting over how she feels for this guy, but you can stick with it and the story picks up and moves on as well. I suppose it is similar to Twilight and the ever present "diaryish" writing about Bella doing the same over Edward and Jacob. That said, and meant for young readers, I just accept it as is. The story has my attention so far and that is the point, and so far, so good.

Newark, DE

Okay Rosie I finished "Insurgent" yesterday. The gushing young love thing tapered way off as it progressed. The first 50 pages were a bit much but then it became what you'd expect and not distracting. Even so, I must say it was better than "Divergent". I suppose in part, it is due to the fact that characters and storyline were already established. The story gets more involved, again it answers questions and raises others with some twists and turns along the way. I was impressed the author was able to make excellent little "life lessons" within it so well, especially since it is aimed at young readers. They cover, guilt, self deprecation, humility, depression, power, suicide, sacrifice, consequences; both expected and unintended for our actions and many more. She did very well at that and I am more impressed with her writing ability being so young and her first novels, than I was. So, 2 for 2 and I am anxious to start #3 "Reliant" which I have, but with a busy week - I may not get started until the weekend. :-(

Did you and Holly find and read "Zoo" by James Patterson yet? What did you think? The TV series doesn't start until 6/30 so you still have 2 weeks. I enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing the CBS series.

Oh and since I had finished "Insurgent" in the afternoon, last night I started a short one that is old but I had never heard of. It was mentioned on an internet radio program I listen too and everyone commenting said it was scary. I am not one to find things scary because I have read "scary" stuff all my life, but it is interesting. Apparently they also made a TV documentary about it under the same name. It takes a LOT of facts about things happening to people at the time it was written and weaves it into a story. It leaves you wondering.....is the story true? I suppose if it is true, that's what makes it "scary". It is called "Alternative 3". I found it online in pdf form and am reading that - got about half way through last night. The TV show is supposed to be online too, YouTube I think. I will watch it after I finish the book, then give you a critique about it, if you're interested.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

LOL Holly isn't doing any reading. I should be, the Gazebo top is up and it is a lovely spot to sit.
Still working in the gardens, It is terrible hot and steamy out there. I usually go out and work in the gardens till I can't stand the heat anymore then come inside to the AC get a drink and collapse until or if I feel strong enough to go back out again. I am done for the day now, heading out for a matinee movie and early diner with friends. We are going to see the new Jurassic movie.

Newark, DE

Holly I am sure you are enjoying the gardens while you can. I guess you could recover from the near heat strokes with your AC, drink and a book too? LOL These super hot days are nauseating for sure. I had to hit the bank, post office and a couple stores today. Even with AC in the truck and in the stores it was nasty. The gazebo sounds lovely but it is so humid it is like a sauna in the shade out there right now - I am staying in as much as possible. We're also lined up for these severe thunderstorms in the afternoon every day this week too. Yuk!

Oh and Rosie - LMBO - while I was out today I saw the Insurgent books for sale in one of the stores. When I saw #3 I realized I had a brain fart earlier. It is not "Reliant". I have no idea why I wrote that because I pulled it out when I finished "Insurgent" so I even saw it. Anyway - chalk it up to "Sometimer's Disease" - #3 is called "Allegiant"

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I will bookmark it all. Just finished Poisonwood Bible and LOVED it. I think maybe because my luck hasn't been good finding a book lately. Now I have a few - thanks!

$100 bucks if my 11 year old grandson in
PA reads it over the summer ( he has baseball and soccer and school not out yet in the magnet he is attending) I read along ( he thinks ) with him and then I discuss- pull out lessons so learned - along the way. Trying to light the fire of reading for pleasure. Last summer he had a huge project from the school this year not so - new school next year. So, I am reading a book geared towards young kids ~ 12 years. like a Harry Potter... Instead of Hogwarts...we got Nightmare Academy... It'll take me a day or three to read it. Great way to give him some cash for his college fund and a ( likely ) new video game. Our motto is " save some / spend some " and he usually does a 50/50 split.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

My Grandson JR is a huge reader, when he was in first grade he participated in a summer reading program. We thought we would give him a $ per book. The goal was for him to read I think 15 books over the summer. He read that many in the first 2 weeks, can't remember how many he ended up reading that summer but I do remember that we decided to give him .50 cents per book instead of the $ we were afraid he might bankrupt us. LOL He is 12 now and a voracious reader but you have to take his electronics away from him. He would be plugged in all day long if you let him.

Newark, DE

Good for you both!! I think both making and saving money as well as reading is missing in many these days. The youth never did, and the young adults didn't/don't read. Their noses are stuck on some electronic phone or tablet playing games or texting friends. I know I am older, but when we were kids we played outside and talked TO them face to face. LOL.

I was a voracious reader and read every night in bed and of course on rainy days. In fact, my full size head board was a bookcase and I had a book shelf in my room that I rotated books in and out of when I read them. We didn't have much money and we shopped for clothes and everything at Salvation Army and Goodwill. I LOVED going to the S.A because in the old building, the basement had lots of shelves full of books in a square, with an Oriental carpet on the floor between them. I spent my time down there sitting on the carpet reading some of ones I thought I might like to buy. Those books were 5 cents for paperback and 10 cents for hardbacks. That's where I spent my money from birthday gifts or work I did for others. A quarter could buy 3-5 books so I had to thin my choices!

Times do change........

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Don't they though. I always had 3 or 4 books going. I loved reading. That and taking care of my horse. 4-H was a great organization for kids.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Jan, I was the 4H leader for the local horse club for a few years. What fun we had and such great kids.

Newark, DE

Ahhh...horses....My young life's love. I was never in 4H. I don't think it was even offered at the time, if so, not at my school. I was however a very lucky girl. A fairly well off family had a farm near us with lots of horses, ponies, pigs, chickens, goats.....everything. My great uncle went there daily to take care of the animals and place because the family did not live there, only came out on the weekends. So, while he took care of everything I had several hours to ride. I would help him too, but it was all fun, even the chores.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Fun times for sure!!!!! It was great to grow up on a farm.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

So it poured down rain all day, cold and windy. Nothing on TV and had no interest in house cleaning. So I picked up my kindle and ordered Zoo and started reading, never put it down (except to change the laundry and eat) until I finished it. Boy it was really good, so glad that you encouraged me to take the time to read it before the show starts this week.

Newark, DE

Awesome! See, I told you it was good. Although I like James Patterson anyway, this was a different style for him and I thought it was the best of his I have read so far. (and that is MANY) The show starts tomorrow night and I look forward to it. I hope they do it justice. So many shows/movies do not.

I was telling Rosie about the Divergent series, which I have enjoyed so far. BTW, Rosie I didn't start "Allegiant" last week because they had a free weekend on Verizon of some pay channels, including HBO. I watched the entire season of Game of Thrones that just ended, instead of reading. I don't pay for premium channels but have managed to see all episodes of all seasons of GOT on free weekends. LOL I enjoy it, but not paying for the channel to get it. Anyway, they were also showing the movie "Divergent" so I watched that too since I'd read the book. Wow, did it suck! If someone watched the movie and never read the book they'd be so disappointed. Book = good, movie = NOT. I know they cannot fit everything into a 2 hour +/- time span but in the Divergent movie I honestly think a non-reader would be lost as to the point and where it leads. They'd have only the basics of the story. That makes no sense since they did make the Insurgent movie already. But hey - I am glad I read the books. I started "Allegiant" yesterday and it picks up the pace and storyline where "Insurgent" left off, going deeper. I only got about 150 pages in, but so far it too is very good. I am looking forward to the outcome and how it will all tie together. Yes - the rain, wind and achy crappy weather was a good day to stay in and read.

Today it is cooler and sunny so I am off to get the tags renewed on my motorcycle. I almost forgot and they expire tomorrow! It is supposed to rain tomorrow and though I have ridden in rain, I prefer the sun. LOL Then I need to go deal with stuff for Dad....might as well be a nice day for that too.....hey - maybe I will read more tomorrow in the rain.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I might need to read Divergent as I did see the movie and hadn't read the book and the movie wasn't very good.
I don't read near as often as I use to. I carried a book with me everywhere and read during lunch and breaks, even standing in line at the grocery stores. I still read a lot on vacation, sitting at the beach, pool or deck and reading is a fav vacation pastime. Now I tend to spend more time on line or watching TV, I love to do Jigsaw puzzles on line. There is a great site, free and if you send her pics she will turn them into puzzles for you. But I rarely sit and read at home and I have a lovely spot to do it in.
Fun free puzzles

Newark, DE

Holly, you sound like I used to be. I always had a book in hand and read everywhere too. I did the same as you said and I even had it in the car and read at red lights. LOL I watch TV too, but most shows don't require many brain cells to follow. So I usually read at the same time, peeking over the book if something is going on I need to see. The rain and changing air pressure before rain are very painful for me and I find those days I am not able to do what I want to do - I read. Getting old sucks, but better than the alternative.

I enjoyed watching Zoo last night, BUT within the first 2 minutes it was clear it was not following the book. What a surprise.....not! As soon as the statement - "what if the animals decided to strike back" (or similar) was said, I was bummed. In the book it was not a "choice". It was caused by a result of things humans have done/do. Once again - another perfect example of NOT bringing up subjects that go against the big corporations. They have to be P.C. and not upset the corporate oligarchy we live in. Reactions in both animals and humans to the causes in the book have already been documented, not conspiracy. (Think the bee's CCD). To use that and go just a step further is what made the book so interesting because perhaps that next step is possible. It could still be an interesting show, since it is after all a series, not a one time thing. Time will tell.

You know, as I think about it, that may be in part some of what detracted from the Divergent movie as compared to the book. Again, it's a proven fact that the known carcinogenic, aluminum waste byproduct known as fluoride that is added to our water, toothpaste and mouthwash is known to make people docile and "dumbed down". It is now being removed from municipalities, counties, etc., water supplies once people were made aware. Some of that practice by those in charge came into play in the Divergent series by other names and means (not fluoride and not water). I don't know....perhaps the already "dumbed down" masses are content with the altered, edited, and condensed versions of a movie. I will stick with the books.

Speaking of books......I know Rosie prefers ebooks. How about you Holly? You said you downloaded Zoo, so is that your preference too?

This message was edited Jul 1, 2015 9:54 AM

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Took me a long time to get a kindle. I like reading at the Beach and Pool quite often in the pool. I only read paper back books that I didn't borrow because when I was finished with a book it looked pretty bad. Plus I was either given books for got them from a second hand store so I didn't want to have to buy books. But while on vacation with a friend that had been urging me to get a kindle we tried them out. Ric's hands and wrists were so bad that holding books could sometimes be painful. Ric and I both seem to think we read faster with the kindles, I got Ric the Kindle Fire as he was going in Hosp for back surgery and you can do more with the Fire. I got me a paperwhite kindle which can be easily read in bright sun light. We both love our kindles and rarely buy books. You can get Ebooks from the library, there is a kindle lending library one book a month and there are several free book offerings. I did pay $8 for Zoo which both Ric and I will read and I understand that you can loan your Ebooks to other kindle owners so once I figure out how to do that I will send it to my friend to read.

Newark, DE

Okay. I understand. I thought since you were interested, you could DM me address and I could mail you the Divergent series, then you could send them to Rosie, since she's reading Nightmare Academy now. But since you and she both prefer ebooks, I will add them to the eBay stuff, instead. They are selling well there.

I have a LOT of books bought second hand at thrift stores and such too, so I read them mostly, then pass them along, sell them, or donate back to somewhere. I also read ebooks and pdf file books. Some of the older books have not been digitized for ereaders, but can be found free in pdf format. I download them to the PC and read there. I don't have a Kindle. I do have a Samsung Tab 2, 10.1 tablet, but it has the Kindle app. I also downloaded the Nook app as well because sometimes B&N offers books for free that Amazon does not, and they use Nook. I also downloaded Overdrive, which our county libraries use for electronic loaning. In fact, Overdrive syncs with library's across the country - you just search for yours. I have used all three systems as all are free. I sure don't buy many books any more! I have bought a couple I found dirt cheap, but I am mostly clearing out the library I have. Okay... I will croak before I read all of them, but you know what I mean. I don't see buying them as an ebook if I already have it.

I try to thin what I have as much as possible, but sometimes I want to read something from the library or whatever and will trade off to the tablet. I am sure I will be doing that soon. It seems that Veronica Roth wrote another book after the Divergent trilogy called; "Four". It is about one of the main characters and told from his perspective. It's not as large as one of the series' books but might be interesting since his character does leave you wanting to know more. I will not buy it, so that'll be one I just borrow from the library on the tablet. You can borrow as many as you want from the library and I think it gives you like 30 days access to each one, though I finish and 'return" sooner than that.

Also, I try to read book books when I am out, because with neck and back problems, I don't carry a purse, so I am not in the habit of carrying anything. Should I go to the hospital or whatever waiting room, I would much rather lose a book by forgetting it, than the tablet. Ya know how it is when you have "sometimer's disease". ugh!

I don't know how you can lend them to others on a Kindle, since I am not familiar with them at all. I have not tried but I do have the USB into the power inlet for the tablet where you can then add a thumb drive to that. I know I can download and upload other files, photos, etc that way so maybe a book too? I am not sure, I have not tried that and I don't know if you can buy and use those accessories on a Kindle. Sorry I can't help with that. I'll just have to plead idiot.

Well no rain today so I am off to the post office, Wally World and a coupe grocery store sales. Have a great day girls!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I also like to get books on CD's that I can play when I have a long trip. Library has been very good letting me extend the loan time to fit my trip.

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